10 Ways To Blow Your Wedding Budget

Wedding Budget

So you have decided on the amount of money you are willing to spend on your wedding, and you’re all set to stick to it. But then you see “it” or “the place” or “the best whatever” and you just have to have “it” or “them”. You are only slightly (okay, a little more than slightly) over what you budgeted for , so really it’s no big deal!  Right?

Well, let me be that voice of reason or a reality check.  Yes…it is a big deal if you do that in every category. …

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Are You Wedding Planning From a Place of Stress?

I am going to be absolutely honest, to say, that I had a total different blog post planned for today.  However, I have been really sick this week.  I had to cancel all my regular appointment and just take a step back and take care of myself (AND not give the rest of the world this crap!)  So in this place of resting & healing, I wanted to encourage you in this busy season of wedding planning to remember to take care of yourself.  Here are a few things I am intentionally focusing on this week and I encourage…

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5 Wedding Planning Tips To Keep On Track

Wedding Planning

Wedding planning does not have to be overwhelming or difficult.  Here are 5 simple wedding planning tips for you to ensure you are prepared and stay on track.  

1.  Put together a wedding planner binder.  This is a great tool to keep you organized throughout your wedding planning.  Let me be frank.  A two pocket folder will not keep you organized and on track.  It has to be a system and something that you “love” and that you will use. Click here for a great DIY Video on how to put one together yourself.   

2.  Involve your fiance.  You…

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