Wedding Planner’s Guide To Your Wedding Invitation Wording (Part 3)

What to say on your wedding invitations

Sometimes wedding invitation wording can have more hidden rules than people realize. We’re here to simplify the subject for you. While there are many fun contemporary twists to wedding invitations, here are the longstanding traditions of wedding invitation wording, according to Emily Post.

Wedding Planner's guide to Wedding Invitation Wording


1. Names/Spelling

  • A wedding invitation is issued by the host(s). The hosts’ name(s) are spelled out (including titles and middle names).
  • Titles, such as Mr. or Mrs., are not spelled out. However, a title like Doctor, is spelled out.
  • If the bride shares her…

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Your Wedding Invitation: Don’t Miss The Essentials

It all starts with the wedding invitation, the centerpiece of your wedding stationery. But, what else needs to go in that ever important envelope? Your wedding invitation sets the tone for your wedding and tells the who, what, when, where of the day. It can be very confusing (since you only pick these out once in your life!) to know what parts you need to include in your invitation and why. I’ve broken down what are the essential components of your wedding invitation and some optional items you may want to consider to make this part of…

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Wedding Invitation Timing: What You Should Know

Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are one of the most important aspects of your wedding planning. They provide your potential guests with the vital information for your wedding day.  Your wedding invitation timing is also very important and should not be ignored in communicating that vital information to your wedding guests.   

Here are some wedding invitation etiquette and the timing you need to know.

  1. When should Save-the-Date cards be sent out?

This pre-invitation mailing officially announces your wedding date and lets guests know that they will, in fact, be invited to the celebration.  Save the…

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