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We specialize in creating unique, unforgettable experiences rooted in your love story. Our expert team transforms overwhelm into peace of mind and challenging logistics into effortless solutions, ensuring your vision unfolds seamlessly.

With precision and creativity, we bring your vision to life. The result? A memory making experience that you and your guests will fully enjoy.

About Us

Hello & Welcome!

At Distinctly Yours Wedding & Events, it is our goal to help you plan and host an unforgettable celebration with no detail overlooked, allowing you to fully enjoy it with those you love most!

As trusted experts, we confidently direct every phase of the planning and design process to deliver an efficient and elevated experience. Planning a wedding shouldn’t be hard or overwhelming—it certainly won’t be if you hire the right team of experts to make the magic happen.

What we do.

Our Services

Full Service Planning

This comprehensive service is ideal for couples seeking expert guidance from start to finish. Our strategic approach brings ease and calm to the wedding planning process, ensuring every detail is managed seamlessly.

Do you have a keen sense of style but lack the time to plan your dream vision? Are you busy and in need of a trusted planner who listens to your desires, dreams, and concerns, and transforms them into a flawless design without requiring constant oversight? Look no further – we are the planning partner you’ve been searching for!

Wedding Management

This service is perfect if you want to plan and design your own event but need professional support to ensure everything comes together seamlessly as the big day approaches. We step in to provide the final support and guidance you need.

From the moment you book us, we start you off with our clear strategic approach and process. We meticulously review your plans to ensure nothing has been overlooked or forgotten.

On your wedding day, we serve as your professional point person, allowing you to relax and enjoy every moment with your friends and family.

What’s keeping you up at night? Let us handle it, so you can rest easy.

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Wisconsin wedding planner
owner & lead planner

Meet Marsha

Marsha VanArk: Storyteller. Straight shooter. Bringer of Calm.

With over 370 weddings orchestrated, Marsha collaborates closely with you to achieve a deeply personalized experience for you and your guests. Drawing from a robust background in hospitality—managing restaurants for over a decade and navigating a major pandemic—she offers unique insights, deep and vetted vendor relationships and a perfected planning process so you don’t have to.

Marsha excels at transforming even the most unconventional or intricate wedding concepts into reality with finesse and style, ensuring your vision is executed flawlessly.

What Sets Us Apart

With trusted guidance and excellence in execution, Distinctly Yours Wedding & Events provides a deeply personalized experience for their clients and their guests. 

Our Approach

Our planning approach is highly personalized, gathering all the details graciously to create a deeply customized experience for you and your guests.


With over 300 events planned, our experienced team guarantees seamless execution, managing every aspect with professionalism and care. Our meticulous attention to detail and proactive problem-solving ensure that your event unfolds flawlessly.

Strong Relationships

We have built and maintained strong relationships with our clients and vendors, fostering a collaborative and trustful environment that ensures a smooth planning process and exceptional event experience for all.

Creative Execution

We excel at taking even the most unconventional or intricate wedding ideas and turning them into reality with extraordinary finesse and style.
Calm, Organized Planning with Personal Connection

We get to know you so we can help create a wedding that looks and feels just like you.

We want to create something beautiful and fun for you and your guests. We listen to what fun means to you and see how we can create that experiences together.