Over the years, I have had many couples say to me after the wedding, I wish we had hired a videographer.  The wedding day goes by so so fast and it is hard to take it all in and savor all those moments.  By capturing your wedding day on video, then you can relive and savor those moments afterwards. In my opinion, it is priceless! 

However, I always direct couples back to their working wedding budget. What does your budget allow? If your actual working budget can include photography AND videography, then go for it. However, if your budget does not include both, you as a couple should decide which is more important to you, photography or videography?

In my professional opinion, I would in turn say that photography should always be on the “must-hire” list, as videography is sometimes considered less of a priority. While your photographer will immortalize much of your wedding day, think of the sounds that can’t be captured in a photo: your vows, the reception music, and the toasts. If your budget allows for both vendors, it’s worth the investment.

Here is a great article sharing 10 reasons why videography should be on your “must-hire” list:

Here is a sample video of a wedding I coordinated recently.  It was such a joy to watch and share.  As a wedding pro, I was able to relive it and cherish parts of the day.  Could you even imagine if this was your wedding day?

Marsha VanArk, Wisconsin Wedding Planner @ Distinctly Yours Wedding & Events