So you have decided on the amount of money you are willing to spend on your wedding, and you’re all set to stick to it. But then you see “it” or “the place” or “the best whatever” and you just have to have “it” or “them”. You are only slightly (okay, a little more than slightly) over what you budgeted for , so really it’s no big deal!  Right?

Well, let me be that voice of reason or a reality check.  Yes…it is a big deal if you do that in every category.  Here are some of my tips to avoid blowing your wedding budget.

1. Spending slightly over what you budgeted for…in every category!

If you find the perfect item/vendor for your wedding, by all means get it!  BUT, remember to adjust for that amount in another category or two.

2. Not doing your research.

Make sure to compare styles of vendors, reviews, and prices. If you are equally interested with two very similar vendors, they both have great reviews, but one charges more money, then hire the less expensive one.The point is… do not think that more expensive automatically = better.  Do your research.  Book your vendors based on their work, their personality and how you feel about them being part of your day.  Not solely on price.

3. Inviting too many people.

This adds up!  You budgeted a maximum of 100 guests for your dinner reception.  Then your families start adding additional invites.  Before you know it, you’ve added 50 more people…OK  50 more mouths to feed, no big deal, we can arrange for that.  But that actually means you now have 50 more chairs, 50 more chargers, 5 more centerpieces, etc to add to your budget. Ouch!!

4. Listening to too many people. 

Everyone has an opinion, you’ll find that out quickly during the wedding planning process.  Don’t spend money because other people tell you to.  If it’s against what you really want or don’t want, then don’t do it.

5. Choosing a 7 course meal.  

Don’t get me wrong – I love food and so do your guests, but they can only eat so much.  A 4 course is perfect; you can even get away with 3.  When in doubt, choose quality over quantity.

6. The never ending Pinterest board. 

When you decide on something then STOP PINNING!  Please!  Be content with what you chose and stick to it!

7. Making quick decisions. 

Feel free to explore a little…do your research.  Then, see which options are best and within your budget, then make a decision.

8. Not starting with a well-thought out wedding budget. 

Once you decide on an overall budget, you need to create a budget for each category. Planning well and keeping each category in line, will help the whole budget stay on track.

9. Upgrading.

Upgrades adds up. Again, decide what is most important and make a decision.  If you decide you truly want/need the upgrade, do it.  Then adjust accordingly.

10. Not being realistic with your budget. 

I say this all of the time.  If you go in with an unrealistic budget, you will go over budget. It’s that simple. You need to understand the actual costs involved with a wedding.  If you under estimate every detail by even just 10%, you’re now going to be 10% over your entire budget.  Imagine if your underestimating by 50%?  If you need help creating a realistic budget, I can help.  I offer one-on-one assistance and that provides this service for you!

In whatever budget you decide on.  Make sure you and your finance’ are clear with each other on what is important and stick to it.  This, in turn,  will help you prepare for your upcoming financial journey together as husband and wife.  Don’t start off your marriage in a place of financial stress.

Marsha VanArk, Wisconsin Wedding Planner for Distinctly Yours Wedding & Events

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