It’s 2021!!!! Woo! Hoo!

To celebrate the start of the new year, I wanted to share another previous “year in review” with my most popular posts from 2020! 

Last week, I did a post of my Year in Review 2020.  It was great to take a look back on the year and see how even with 2020 being a long and difficult year for weddings with great challenges for all of my couples.  Weddings and celebrating love didn’t stop.

Today, I am turning it over to my readers and I rounded up the top 6 favorite blogs from this year.   

10 Day Wedding Planning Series with Distinctly Yours Wedding & Events

You’re engaged. Now, you have a large task ahead of you: planning the wedding. Let’s be honest: planning a wedding (even if you hire a wedding planner) is complicated. There are lots of moving parts, lots of people involved, and lots of tiny details to iron out when it comes to planning a wedding, so organization is key to success! If you are in need of some advice and tips for staying organized when it comes to planning a wedding, read on for some great info.

Wedding Planner and Wedding Coordinator Defined by Distinctly Yours Wedding & Events

Even though this article was written in 2019.  It is still make the top of the list. 

You might have come across the term “wedding planner” or “wedding coordinator” and thought they were pretty much the same person. They can be. Sound confusing? It is! But here’s what you need to know:

How to Host a Private Property Wedding

I’ve always loved private property weddings, they provide a private and more intimate event for you and your guests. Whether it’s your home, your parents’ home or even a close friend’s, it’s no doubt a place that is sentimental and personal, which makes it a perfect setting to host a wedding. 

A happy bride enjoying her wedding day with her wedding party

I want to share with you some of the “secret sauce” that makes weddings planned by a professional just a little more smooth.

Here’s the key…a fine-tuned wedding day timeline!

I’m not talking about a vague schedule of events… I see a lot of those on Pinterest and they make me cringe. 😬

Professional planners dive deep and outline the flow of the day for every single vendor and type of event and place it all together in a custom and cohesive wedding day timeline.  

THIS is what I recommend for EVERY SINGLE WEDDING!

Having a clear plan outlined makes it so much easier for your vendors, friends, and family to deliver on your expectations for the big day. 

Bride & Groom enjoying their wedding day with their wedding party

You want your wedding to be a low-stress success.  We totally understand this, which is why we’d love to help you make the most of your wedding day experience and make sure you are prepared.  Here are our top tips to ensure you make the most of your wedding day.

Marsha VanArk, Wedding Planner at Distinctly Yours Wedding & Events