As a bride, you have about a million things to think about as you plan and put together your wedding. Whether you do it all yourself or hire a planner (don’t hesitate…do it!) to take care of all the details, your head is spinning with so many thoughts and emotions.

Probably one of the biggest decisions you will make, after saying YES! to your soon-to-be- husband, is whether you will do a first look or not. I know there are brides out there who have their hearts set on their husband not seeing them until the moment they walk down the aisle, but let me tell you from my wedding day first look experience some of the benefits of seeing each other beforehand.

Having a First Look with my husband on our wedding day was my favorite moment of the entire day! I’m sharing 5 reasons why I think you should do it on your wedding day too!

I Was SUPER Emotional –

I am very aware that I am a crier and probably cry more than the average person, but this moment is one that I was so grateful to have with just Daniel. We were able to talk about how excited we were for the ceremony and becoming husband and wife. And I could cry as much as I wanted and not be a mess in front of hundreds of people or tears getting in the way of my vows.  

It’s a Private Moment Between the Two of You –

It allows you to share in the excitement of the day together. On your wedding day, at least mine, I felt like I hardly got to be with just Daniel. You’re the center of attention and everyone wants to talk and take photos, which is so fun, but it can feel like you hardly saw your brand new spouse on the day that is supposed to be about the two of you being together. Having a first look gives you a private moment together to just take each other in before all the craziness begins.

Benefits of a First Look with Distinctly Yours Wedding & Events

It Will Help Reduce Your Anxiety and Nerves –

It lowers the stress level. It keeps you both from having to stay held up in some room for fear of seeing each other. Not having to make sure that your groom is inside of his room before you run to the bathroom made the day seem so much easier. It gives you freedom to do whatever you need do before you become the center of attention.

You Get More Professional Photos –

You have time to get the photos you want. Most photographers are going to request two hours for just the bride and groom photos. Just the bride and groom people! That is a lot of time. Then you add the photos of the wedding party and family.  Photos will take about 4 hours of your day! Doing a first look allows your photographer the time they need to get the best pictures. You WILL appreciate them later too!

First Look on Your Wedding Day

You Will Get More Time with Your Guests –

My last and final benefit is that it saves your guests from hours of waiting around while you get photos taken. I went to a wedding once where we waited 4 hours between the ceremony and reception (many guests left before the bridal party even got back).  By completing our sweetheart & wedding party photos before, we were able to get a great deal more photos then if will rushed through them all after the ceremony.

If you have your heart set on not seeing each other until you walk down the aisle then you go girl! It’s your day! But if you’re on the fence about it, I hope these benefits helped you!

Happy Planning!

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