For so many people their wedding day was an amazing fairy tale come true. You spend all this time planning and making sure you have accounted for every detail. The officiant tells you to kiss, the evening comes to an end, the music stops, and the car rolls away as you are waving to all your friends and family. What a perfect day is was!  Now what?

I want to start by saying this is not a post about eloping or that a wedding is not worth the work (because it SO is!). But just remembering through the process that when you wake up the morning after your wedding, you will no longer be a bride, but a wife. Being a wife is amazing! But, unlike your wedding, it is not always a fairy tale. Let me share some of my fresh findings after my first six months of marriage.

Your Husband is Human

Yes, I know it may seem obvious, but remembering this fact can be more of a challenge than you would think some days. He will mess up, he will disappoint you, and he will annoy you. And that is all perfectly normal.

You are No Longer Independent

You’re no longer independent (in the best way possible). I know this can seem scary to a lot of women in this modern world, but a husband is worth settling down for. Being married means making decisions with the other person’s interest above your own. Unfortunately, there is no magic button that automatically rewires your brain to think like this. You have to intentionally work to change and put your spouse before yourself.  And he is working just as hard to do the very same for you.

Things Will Get Messy

Your kitchen, your hair, and sometimes even your conversations. Moving into our first place together was quite an adjustment for both of us.  At first, it was so fun to decorate and make our home together. Then, real life happened! The dishes pile up, mail gets left on the table and sometimes you just want to lay around and do nothing rather than shower and make yourself presentable. This does not make you a bad wife! I have had to remind myself of this multiple times. It makes you human, too, and it okay to ask for help.  Please know that it is okay to ask your husband to do the dishes, or clean the bathroom, or help with the never ending to do list of chores. You may feel like it is your responsibility as the wife. You can do it all! Together you’re a team!

My Bottom Line

Life does not become perfect when you marry a person. Even if they are “your” perfect human. So enjoy the wedding day and soak in being pampered and being the center of attention, because being a bride only lasts a moment, but being a wife is the rest of your life. And while yes, it can be a wild ride figuring it all out, it is an amazing adventure that you get to go on with your very best friend.

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