In this age of social media one of the easiest things to do is compare your life to others. I am at the age where a ton of my friends are also getting married.  It is easy to see their posts on social media and wonder why my life doesn’t look like that. 

“Their house is always clean and so well decorated.”

“They just got back from their honeymoon and are on another amazing vacation?!” 

“She has a home-cooked dinner on the table for her husband.” 

“How does she have time to workout, work full time, and maintain a home so beautiful?”

These are just a few thoughts that I have had in the last 8 months as I scroll through social media and look at snippets of other people’s lives. 

Why doesn’t mine look so perfect? 

The answer is because I do not see the full picture of their lives. I see the little pieces they want me to see and nothing else. I am not involved enough in their life to know that their parents paid for the extra trip they just went on, and that she just lost her job and that’s why she has so much time to be in the kitchen or that I only see the one shelf in the house that is perfect but the rest is just as messy as mine. 

Comparison is a dangerous game and it really is not worth playing. You see every nook and cranny of your own life and that may look messier than someone else’s staged Instagram photo. 

Remember every couple has their flaws and those aren’t generally what they want to share with the world. If you feel yourself comparing too much – turn off your phone for a while. 

Enjoy your new adventure and learn how to live your best life with your spouse and don’t be afraid to ask for help from more seasoned married people because they will tell you the real stuff! 

No one has a perfect life so just love your spouse, thrive in the season you are in, and always work to better yourself for yourself and not for the next cool post. 

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