I planned most of my wedding details and had family and friends play the role of many of my wedding vendors.  My wedding day was amazing and the most memorable day of my life! However, there were a few things that I just missed, so here are some tips so you don’t miss these details in planning your wedding day.

Feeding You & Your Wedding Party

When I was 17, I was my sister’s maid of honor.  The one thing I will NEVER forget is how hungry we were. We had breakfast in the morning, which amounted to a few snacks here and there, but no sustenance. Well, when it was my turn to get married I did the exact same thing! I forgot!  I completely forgot to plan for food throughout the day.

So my advice is to make a meal plan and add it to your timeline…then it will not be forgotten! I was so blessed to have two aunts who provided food for all of us. While this may not be a job your friends and family will be fighting over, it is a task that you can delegate to a few who would be willing to pick up some food for you. Just ask! A wedding day can be a long day and WAY harder than you would think; especially when your hungry!

Cue The Music

In other weddings I have experienced, there isn’t a whole lot of things more awkward than a poorly timed bridal party entrance. For instance, when the song ends and the party isn’t finished walking, or when you start walking after you’re just married and there is no fun music to exit out to – things can get a little awkward.

Two words: Wedding Coordinator.

Brides! I had zero intention of having a stranger on my wedding day running things and making decisions. But it changed my life! Our Wedding Coordinator helped us plan all of our timing and cue everything on time so perfectly. She cued the wedding party down the aisle perfectly.  Also, she cued my exit song (as Daniel carried me out of the ceremony to a song that will forever have a special place in my heart).

Wedding Day Exit by Wisconsin Wedding Planner

A Wedding Coordinator does so much more than cue music, which brings me to my next point.

Fixing The Small Things

Family members being involved with weddings is so great! Most of the time, they want to help (keywords…most of the time).  I loved being surrounded by all my closest friends & family. They helped me focus on the joy of getting married rather than all the tiny details to put together a wedding day. My Wedding Coordinator, though now no longer a stranger but an amazing friend, knew exactly what I wanted for my wedding. She made decisions without thinking and knew the details of my wedding day to help it go off without a hitch in my eyes.  I came to find out later the caterer was late. She simply fixed the problem. I had no idea there was an issue until 2 months after my wedding day! So first, hire a Wedding Coordinator, and secondly, lean on them like crazy!

Clean Up

I have been in weddings and know that if you’re a part of the wedding party, you are expected to help with the post-wedding clean-up. This was something I was SO excited to NOT be part of…because I was the Bride. So excited in fact that I didn’t even think about having a plan for my own post-wedding clean-up! While it is nice for your party to help, if you don’t actually ask them, they won’t know. Make sure to have clear communication about that. This is another great reason to have a wedding coordinator for they will help and guide this part perfectly for you, too.

I hope these were some helpful tips to get you thinking ahead to your big day!

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