Meet Bob & Emily.

Bob enjoys watching movies, building things, and wood projects. Emily loves taking breaks from busy work life with a pedicure or online shopping. For work, Bob and Emily are both in industries where they are serving people all day long, with Bob being a police officer and Emily a nurse, and together they are quite a power couple. They love all things Disney, going out to movies, and are part of closely knit families. 

We loved planning Bob & Emily’s wedding! From the start, they knew that they wanted to have a wedding that allowed their families to enjoy the day instead of pouring all their energy into making it happen, and that’s why they hired a wedding planner (us!). Being high-level service workers in the medical field and law enforcement, they wanted to delegate their wedding planning to a professional to ease the burden on their schedules and their families’ schedules. 

Navy wedding invitation
Bridal jewelry on navy invitation
Metallic wedding flats
Bridal gown with flower girl gowns
Wedding jewelry with navy accents

Wedding photography by Laura Schmitt Photography

Honoring Their Relationship & Honoring Their Families

Emily and her mom had a special time together while she was getting on her wedding dress and jewelry, where they just got to focus and enjoy the moment.

Bride and mom getting ready on wedding day
Bride and mom hugging before wedding

Bob and his parents also had sweet time together before the ceremony to soak it all in together. Bob is the baby of his family, so this day had that extra level of significance!

Mother hugging groom
Mother of groom puts on bout

Then, it was time for the first touch. Bob and Emily opted to not see each other before the beginning of the ceremony, so they chose to have a first touch on opposite sides of a big, beautiful door of the church. Turns out that touch was enough to release all the emotion of the day! They both just bawled and soaked each other in. The anticipation and sweetness was an absolute highlight and grew our hearts three sizes!

Bride and groom doing first touch
First touch before ceremony
Cards for bride and groom
Bride and groom reading letters

Emily also had a first look with her dad, and that was very special, and full of tears of joy! We love it when the couple makes sure to include the dad’s first look with the photographer’s schedule so the emotion and tenderness can be captured, and the relationship between dad and daughter can be honored.

Bride first look with her dad
Bride having first look with her dad
Bride and dad embrace during first look

The Ceremony Venue

They chose to have a wedding at Saint Peter and Paul Catholic Church with a reception at Lake Arrowhead, prioritizing their precious relationship, as well as honoring their families. Anytime there is music at this church, it takes your breath away! The acoustics are INCREDIBLE and so memorable. This church was the perfect place to tie the knot, and allowed for beautiful photos.

SS Peter and Paul Catholic Church
Bride and father walking down the aisle
Bride and groom Catholic church ceremony
First kiss Catholic church
Flower girls Catholic ceremony
SS Peter and Paul Catholic Church

How We Beat the Chill

Since this wedding was in November, we had to plan ahead to keep the wedding party warm! Emily and Bob provided shawls for her bridal party to make it easier to take outdoor photos, and Emily had one for herself too. It’s this forward thinking that these strong, Wisconsin couples need to have! We also took breaks, where we would go out for some photos, then go inside and take a break to take the edge off. 

The Lake Arrowhead accommodations also simplified staying warm because their golf carts took us quickly from the indoor reception space to the outdoor photo location! This speed helped keep our ladies comfortable. Can you imagine having to walk through the cold in a sleeveless gown?? No thank you.

The Reception Venue

It’s a really nice venue to do a wedding, and as wedding planners, we love the spaces that are seamless and ready to go – it simplifies our life! At this venue, in addition to the beautiful outdoor spaces that were perfect for photos, the inside had plenty of space and all the accommodations we needed. The wedding space is separate from the other part of the golf club, so we were able to have a secluded, private space. It also was only one year old, and this was only the second wedding in this space! 

Creative guest book frame
Personalized wedding reception sign
Head table at Lake Arrowhead wedding
Birdcage centerpiece navy accents
Bride and groom cake cutting

An extra shout out here to XOXO Wedding Rentals, who were absolute professionals when it came to decorating the reception space. It was all of their rental pieces that was used throughout the reception and they did a great job. They were organized, efficient, and seamless, and they made our lives so very easy.

We also LOVED the custom sign created by artists at Wisconsin Rapids’ Milkweed Market, which served as the perfect backdrop of the head table, and was featured in so many photos throughout the night. Milkweed Market is a fabulous community resource where adults of all abilities create custom art pieces for sale. We loved the spirit and goal of this market, and we especially loved the final result!

Personalized sign from Milkweed Market

Like most things in life, it takes a village. The village behind us pulling off this beautiful, personal wedding was a group of professionals who we are so thankful for. To see the websites of each vendor, click on the vendor’s name.

Bob & Emily's Vendor Team

Sending our love!

Bob and Emily, what an honor it was to plan your wedding with you! It has been such a joy to re-live your wedding day and enjoying all these amazing photos again. We hope your first months of marriage have been your very favorite, and that your relationship keeps growing stronger every day. As your first anniversary approaches, we wish you well and send our love!


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