Whimsical wedding in Wausau at Rib Mountain State Park and The Folk Farm

Meet Emily & Kian.

Emily & Kian are the real deal. They knew that they wanted to hire us to plan a wedding that felt whimsical, vintage, and fun – with the goal of making their wedding feel like Bilbo Baggin’s birthday party in Lord of the Rings. Count us in!!

Their color palette was inspired by a vintage wildflower print that they’ve used throughout their printed materials. They loved the burnt sienna, forest green, and brass with flowery accents like poppy red, cornflower blue, and lilac.

A Tale of Two First Looks

First, it’s time for the happiest part of the day – when Emily & Kian got to see each other for the first time. In the trees of Rib Mountain State Park, they got to meet and enjoy each other before the business of the day gets underway.

Bride and groom right before first look at Rib Mountain State Park
Bride and groom first look at Rib Mountain State Park
Bride and groom embracing after first look at Rib Mountain State Park

And then, it’s Dad’s turn! 

Bride right before first look with dad
Bride and dad excited during first look
Bride and dad excited during first look
Bride and dad after first look

As forementioned, Emily and Kian wanted their wedding to be creative, vibrant, and reminiscent of Bilbo Baggin’s birthday party. The ladies wore tulle midi dresses to match the texture of the bride’s dress, and the guys wore brown tweed vests with wool pants. They chose brown to contrast the green grass and trees at the venue, while sticking with the vintage hobbit-inspired vibe.

Bridesmaids peeking out of window while getting ready
Bride and groom together at Rib Mountain in the rocks
Whimsical wedding party in the woods at Rib Mountain
Groom with groomsmen in whimsical vests with colorful flowers
Bride and bridesmaids in natural colors with bright bouquets
Bride and groom walking in the woods at Rib Mountain
Bridal party in the rocks at Rib Mountain State Park
Bride and groom at the rocks at Rib Mountain State Park

The Ceremony: Rib Mountain State Park Amphitheater

Rib Mountain State Park is Wisconsin’s highest point, and such a breathtaking spot for hiking, exploring, and getting married! The amphitheater overlooks central Wisconsin and has such a gorgeous spot for cozy, intimate wedding ceremonies. The happy vibes continued throughout the ceremony on this perfect Wisconsin day.

Rib Mountain State Park Amphitheater
Bride walking down the aisle with dads at Rib Mountain State Park
Bride and groom exchanging vows at Rib Mountain Amphitheater
First kiss during ceremony at Rib Mountain Amphitheater
Wedding ceremony at Rib Mountain State Park Amphitheater
Recessional after amphitheater wedding ceremony at Rib Mountain
Bridesmaids recessional together in natural dresses with wildflowers

The Reception: The Folk Farm

Then, it was time to move to The Folk Farm for the reception, and Emily’s design and attention to detail was on display. Emily did all the design for the wedding. She made their banner by hand, and did numerous sewing projects for the wedding. She painted the logo, and had her gorgeous, creative touch on the design. We were happy to help see it through that her vision came to life!

When they chose a reception venue, they chose The Folk Farm because of its perfect amount of vintage charm. They were sold by the beautiful interior of the barn, and the outdoor bar.

Reception welcome sign at The Folk Farm
Bride and groom kissing at The Folk Farm whimsical reception
Simple wildflower centerpieces at outdoor wedding
Guests enjoying time outside at The Folk Farm wedding reception
Bride having a blast outside at The Folk Farm reception
Homemade colorful banner and string of lights at outdoor wedding
Personalized bags yard game at outdoor wedding
Interior of barn at The Folk Farm in Wausau
Wildflower seating chart at whimsical wedding
Whimsical wedding reception bustle at The Folk Farm
Whimsical wedding in the woods with lights and banner
Whimsical outdoor wedding with lights at sunset

The Wedding Vendors

Emily and Kian were so smart to choose the vendors who could grasp their lovely, creative, vibrant vision and have the artistic chops to pull it off. We loved working with these wedding pros and hope you can check them out! To see each vendor’s website, click on their name.

Ceremony Venue: Rib Mountain Amphitheater

Reception Venue: The Folk Farm

Florist: Kase Styles

Bride and groom at sweetheart table at The Folk Farm in Wausau

All our love!

Emily and Kian, you two were a joy to plan with! We loved your wedding vision from the start, and it was such a blast to help turn your vision into a real, live wedding day. Thank you for trusting us, and we hope your first months of marriage have been a dream come true!


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