Wedding planning can be a mentally and physically taxing job, which may explain why couples hire a professional wedding planner. There is so much to organize to have the day come together and there just isn’t enough time in the day as there is.
Of course, not everyone can afford a professional planner. But by implementing a few smart organization strategies, you can plan your own wedding without losing too much sleep. Here are some tips to help you plan your wedding and ensure your planning will be organized and stress-free. 
Use Pinterest…But Don’t Go Overboard.

Pinterest can be a treasure trove of ideas for invitations, cake design, table centerpieces and other wedding needs.

We suggests that instead of pinning a ton of photos to a master board (which many people do), you should curate your favorite photos by creating boards for each wedding category — like hair and makeup, flower arrangements, specialty cocktails. By having your photos organized in this fashion, and selecting no more than six photos for each category, you’ll be better prepared to present your ideas to vendors. Photographers, decorators, florists and other vendors can also gain a better understanding of your vision for the wedding by viewing your pared-down Pinterest boards.

Why an “Old School” Wedding Organizer May Be Important? 
  • It WILL keep you organized. You can sort out all of your ideas and info into categories. It is easier to manage and locate items this way. 
  • You can see the big picture. Having all your wedding ideas come together in your binder. You will get an overall look and feel of how your wedding will be. Keep your vision cohesive. 
  • It is informative If you include articles, guides and checklists, you will know actually what you need to do next. 
  • It will keep you on track It is easier to see what to do, who to pay, what you need to hire, organize or plan, etc. 
  • It will continue to inspire you. It is a reminder of the big day ahead of you. 
  • It is close at hand When you quickly need information, you will have it as a easy reference. 
  • Your wedding vendors will appreciate it. Your vendor can see what your likes and what your options are, which makes it easier for them to see your vision.

What should I include in your wedding binder/or digital folders? 

These categories should be divided using dividers or tabs or digital folder, to make it easier to manage. It really is up to you. 

Here is a suggested categories (or take these categories and mirror them in digital folders):

○ Planning Checklist

○ Wedding Day Timeline 

○ Budget 

○ Guest List 

○ Wedding Dress 

○ Hair/Makeup 

○ Wedding Party 

○ Wedding Registry 

○ Showers 

○ Engagement Party 

○ Bachelor or Bachelorette Party 

○ License & Legal 

○ Insurance 

○ Ceremony 

○ Reception 

○ Rehearsal Dinner 

○ Officiant/Counselling 

○ Entertainment 

○ Decor 

○ Flowers 

○ Photography 

○ Videography 

○ Catering 

○ Dessert/Cake 

○ Travel Information 

○ Guest Accommodations 

○ Transportation 

○ Honeymoon 

Whew! That is a lot, we know. It is your wedding system, so you make it your own by deciding what to include and how to organize. 

Use Technology To Your Advantage and Go Digital.

Though many wedding vendors still use paper contracts, wedding planning binders are becoming outdated and a bit more Eco-friendly. A great way to keep track of contracts, invoices and other important paper documents is by storing them on Google Drive or iCloud. This way you’ll be able to access the files from your smartphone when you need them.

While the digital age can sometimes bombard you with info, it’s also super useful to help store and organize that information. This is super important when planning an event. There are tons of free tools out there to stay organized and communicate to your crew: Trello, Evernote, Google Drive, etc.

We always like Google Docs:  it’s super simple, easy to share information and feedback and it’s easily accessed from your computer, tablet, or phone. Plus, it’s like super free and everyone has a Gmail account. If you’re not already using it, you should.

Plan to Plan

A lot of times work or life will get in the way of wedding planning and it can go by the wayside, causing more stress in your already busy life. But, if you’re intentional about when you plan and with whom you trust to help, the process can be a lot easier. Our advice: set aside time at a coffee shop every Saturday morning to really grind out some details over a delicious cup. That way you’re going somewhere on a mission and you have the proper fuel to make sure you complete it.

Some More Tips for an Organized Wedding 

Create an email account for wedding-related communication.

You will send and receive an unbelievable amount of emails with regards to your wedding day during the planning process.  We advise couples create an email account that’s strictly designated for wedding planning (like Having one inbox solely dedicated to this project will save you time and unwanted stress in terms of  that email chain with your caterer won’t get lost in your personal or work email account.

Number your Invitations

Put a number on the inside of each RSVP envelope and make a note of it in your planner. I can almost guarantee that you will have people send their RSVP back without a name on it, and this way you can easily find out who it came from. 


Delegate your to do list, especially in the week leading up to the wedding. Make sure everyone (including your groom) has a list and knows what they need to do so nothing gets forgotten. 

Make a List

Making a list for everything. The more you have written down, the less you a’t re likely to forget and the easier is it to show other people what you still have to do.

Don’t Lose Sight of What’s Important

Your wedding is just one day, but your marriage lasts forever.

If this still seems overwhelming and you just don’t have the time to even implement these strategies.  I would consider bringing in that professional planner that will keep you on track.  It could be the very thing that keeps you stress-free.

However you chose to be organize, it will save you so much time through the planning process and give you the chance to enjoy being engaged.

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