They're hired, but they won't email me back. Now what?

Imagine this – the proposal is done, the date has been picked, and you have hired most of your wedding vendors. Hooray! What a huge undertaking! Now, it’s time to nail down the details but so many of the vendors just aren’t responding to your emails, answering your calls, or answering your questions. Or, maybe you are feeling planning hiccups if you don’t know what you want, or are struggling to communicate your vision to your vendors.  Now what? Now, how can you, the bride and groom, work with them well?

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As I write this, it is springtime and wedding season is upon us. Vendors are very busy pulling together loose ends before the weddings begin, and so are couples, trying to dot all the i’s before the big day. As a wedding planner, I hear lots of couples complain about long wait times between vendor responses – Why is it taking so long for them to get back to me? Why can’t they answer my questions on time? 

So, here’s the question – How can we set you up for success to make sure that you, as a bride and groom, can have a peaceful, smooth and efficient relationship with your vendors during your wedding planning season? 

Today, we bring you a touch of empathy to our dear wedding community – recognizing that not only is it springtime, right before wedding season, but it is also 2022 and we are in the thick of the post-Covid wedding boom. Needless to say, the wedding community is slammed – and we are so glad! But, slammed nonetheless. We are also bringing guidance from Marsha, our veteran wedding planner, offering tips to couples trying to navigate relationships with these busy vendors. Read on!

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We've got you. Here are the best ways to work with your wedding vendors.

Talk to your vendors.

As much as wedding vendors wish they could, they unfortunately can’t read your mind and know what you want! If you don’t have anything specific that you want, tell them that so they can give you ideas and suggestions. And if you do have something in particular in mind, by all means, please share!

When it’s time to meet in person with your vendors, make sure to let your vendor lead the meeting. You can trust them, as the professional, that they can guide you in what choices need to be made at that time. That communicates trust from you to the vendor, and builds a positive working relationship!

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Don’t be afraid to ask your vendors for other referrals.

If you’re in search of more vendors, ask the ones you’ve already hired for recommendations. Chances are high that they’ll be able to recommend awesome vendors that they like working with. Good vendors working with each other results in a good experience for ALL!

Have patience.

Your wedding vendors work weekends, of course, as most weddings are on weekends. However, just because they are “working” does not mean that they are sitting at their desks all weekend. They’re out, on location, at weddings, working. Please don’t be worried or mad if an email you send on the weekend or at the end of the week isn’t returned immediately.

Your wedding vendors’ respective profession is their career – respect that!

Chances are high that they don’t do it “on the side” or as a “hobby”, meaning that what they do is their livelihood and how they feed their families, just like your job. Yes, they love what they do and it’s a fun, rewarding job, but they also have to make money! Their prices are what they are because it’s what they live off of.

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Go to your meetings prepared.

These meetings are a chance for your vendors to get an idea of your vision, so come prepared with photos, magazine clippings, or a curated Pinterest board with pins that inspire you. Be decisive, and don’t be afraid to tell them what you like and don’t like! You won’t hurt their feelings – most will appreciate you giving them true feedback for what you envision for your wedding day. For example, if you hate roses but love sunflowers, your florist is definitely going to want to know that!

Have a couple of questions prepared, too!  If you don’t have any clue about what to expect for the meeting, it doesn’t hurt to ask beforehand. Planning an expensive wedding is no time to disengage: bring all your questions to your vendors; they will be happy to answer them!

In addition, be aware of your wedding situation. Know your budget and stick to it! You should also know your timeline so you can get a good idea if you’ll need to hire some additional vendors, and if those extra vendors (or hours) can add to your budget. Do your homework, and come prepared to make decisions on the spot wherever possible!

Wondering what questions you need to ask each vendor? Click the button below: Part II of this blog contains all our must-ask questions for each vendor category!

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How a wedding planner can help

A wedding planner can save you SO much time at appointments. You may not even need to meet with some vendors if you have a wedding planner! For the vendors you do need to meet with, your planner will be a wonderful advocate for you and can help communicate your vision to your vendors. We speak a similar language in the wedding industry! To learn more about Distinctly Yours Wedding & Events and our personalized, beautiful Wisconsin weddings and beyond, follow the link below to learn more.

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