Today, we get to feature one of our very favorite weddings from 2021, Kate & Andre’s bohemian wedding in the woods. This wedding day is just about as romantic, dreamy, and fun as it gets! 

For starters, please meet our Bride and Groom, Kate & Andre. These two military service members met while stationed abroad, and chose to have their wedding in the Wisconsin Northwoods, where Kate’s family vacationed during her childhood. For Andre, who is from Connecticut, he and his family were able to enjoy the Wisconsin Northwoods in the summer with fresh eyes.

Planning for a military couple had its own unique joys and challenges. First of all, what an honor to plan a wedding for such an amazing, selfless couple who serves our country! We loved getting a chance to get to know these two and serve them, appreciating the way they serve our country day in and day out. What an honor for us to be on their wedding team.

The military had some unique Covid restrictions that add more hoops to jump through when it comes to weddings and wedding planning, especially because Andre serves on the medical side. For starters, they weren’t allowed to send out their invitations until one month before the wedding, so that meant that guests didn’t have as much notice when it came to RSVP. Due to these restrictions, we weren’t able to post many social media updates, and many decisions and commitments had to be made at the last minute. We had to get a special “stamp of approval” from Andre’s superiors so he could attend his own wedding! 

Bride and groom sepia kiss
Bohemian wedding party outside

Photos above and throughout blog by Sandra Lynn Photography

From the beginning, Kate knew that she wanted their wedding to be very boho. To achieve this, we chose an outdoor lakeside ceremony location in the Northwoods, North Lakeland Discovery Center, and we made sure to make boho decorating choices to pull it all together. 

Bohemian bridal bouquet
Stationery of wedding in the woods
Wedding dress hanging on red barn
Bride in white hat

Fawn, the florist from Inspired by Nature did such an amazing job creating lush florals that captured Kate’s boho vibes; we loved the way she used the plumes and color choices to perfectly complement the wedding design elements. That mixed with the unique bridesmaid dresses was just stunning! I love the way that the dresses didn’t compete for attention, but worked together to create a cohesive, boho, romantic look.

The groomsmen had their chance to shine in being there for the groom when we realized that Andre’s shirt was nowhere to be found! It had been forgotten, and you know what, we needed to figure out a solution. The groom should not be shirtless, unless he’s getting married on a beach! A groomsman hopped in his car and drove 30 minutes to Minocqua to buy a new shirt for the man of the day. Three cheers for teamwork! 

We also had a chance to flex our wedding planning muscles with some on-the-fly problem solving when the ceremony began! We learned that a key member of the ceremony was set to arrive about 10 minutes after the ceremony started, and let’s just say, the ceremony wouldn’t be able to happen without this person! Marsha did some great thinking on the spot to help make the extra wait a little easier on the guests, especially since they were sitting out in the direct sunlight on a hot summer day. She got out some waters for the guests to make sure that the guests were comfortable and adjusted the wedding schedule by 10 minutes so all the important people could be there.

Foot washing at outdoor wedding ceremony
Ceremony venue tall pine trees
Wedding recessional with bubbles

Another wedding planner challenge that we overcame was in moving the decorations from the ceremony location to the reception space, and in this case, that meant using our muscles and some good old fashioned hard work! Marsha’s staff had to move all the heavy rugs from one space to another, so that was a challenge, but a friendly reminder to all of us out there why hiring a wedding planner is so important! Can you imagine the family of the bride and groom trying to enjoy a wedding day while dragging rugs across the venue? 

The Famous Clear Tent

Clear reception party tent

We all know that giant party tents are great for outdoor wedding receptions, but did you know that CLEAR wedding tents exist? Thanks to Marsha’s connection with Party Envy, it was her idea to have a clear tent at the reception so the guests could be protected from the elements, yet still be able to have a clear view of the sky-high pine trees and the sunset. Kate was sold, and that’s what they chose to use! Sandra Lynn Photography captured such gorgeous photos of the tent at its finest, and frankly, we hope to get to use clear tents a lot more in the future! So, so beautiful.

Clear tent at wedding reception
Bride and groom cut cake under clear tent
First dance under clear tent

The vendors who worked with us to pull off this gorgeous day were such talented and kind people. Many thanks to all of these lovely people – their business websites are linked if you click on the name. We encourage you to check them out and consider them for your next event!

Kate & Andre's Wedding Vendors

Click on the name of the vendor below to be directed to their website.

Caterer: Rockman’s Catering

Bar Service: Mobile Lens

Transportation: Stargazer Transportation

DJ/Band: Irish Entertainment

Ceremony Musician: The Wisconsin String Quartet

Hair & Makeup: Kira Johnson & Maria Schlundt

Rentals & Clear Tent: Party Envy

Kate and Andre, thank you for trusting us with your wedding. We wish you well as you celebrate your first anniversary this summer! Sending all our love – what fun to look back on this special day! 

Love, Marsha & Team

Sepia bride and groom kissing

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