Planning a wedding that feels timeless, contemporary, and fun all at once is no small feat. The trick to this expensive and, at times emotionally fraught process, is to choose carefully what trends fit you, your fiance, your family & your overall guest experience.  There are many to carefully consider. Here are some trends that I believe should go and some that should stay.

What Can Go…

Outdoor Weddings

Weddings are making their way back indoors and into more open spaces with high ceilings.  This is great news for those planning a wedding in Wisconsin. This trend and Wisconsin weather haven’t been a good mix for the last couple of years.  I, again, cannot emphasis the importance of a back-up plan for any outdoor element (a.k.a. Plan B), especially in Wisconsin.

 Oversized & Extremely Large Florals

Flowers should look like flowers–so stick to arrangements that incorporate hints of movement to showcase each bloom, rather than stuffing double the amount of flowers (and therefore, double the money) into a single bouquet. When flowers are tightly placed into tablescapes, decor or bouquets, they simply lose their “WOW” factor. Keep in mind, carrying a smaller bouquet of flowers arranged naturally won’t overwhelm you, your dress–or your maid of honor when she has to hold it along with hers for the ceremony.

Non-Keepsake Photos

Thanks to the websites devoted to real weddings, wedding photographers now feel the need to capture every single detail of the wedding day and its decor; even photos you’ll likely never use. Those shots of your dress hanging in a doorway, shots of single candles on your tablescape, drunken dance floor shots, and more, take the place of what could be a longer bridal or couple’s portrait session, or a shot of you in a candid moment with your friends. Skip the fluff and get to the heart of the matter–it’s worth letting your photographers shoot what they know you’ll want to keep as a memento for years to come.

Inedible Desserts or Favors

Skip the strange tokens of your appreciation and give your guests options they’re going to actually want. Perhaps try this: Serve desserts your guests can’t resist or send them home with something they can enjoy as a late night snack or the next morning.  It adds to your guests’ experience when they can sense that you’ve thought about their wants and needs long after the party.

Cake Alternative..The Good & The Bad

I love the idea of a fun wedding cake alternative for really any kind of wedding. Whether you’re having a sweet backyard party or a full formal event, wedding cake alternatives can be unique and delicious, and something that your guests will definitely remember.  However, just like anything you choose for your guests, please consider what fits best with your event. For example, a large glazed donut isn’t so practical for a formal affair when you are expected to eat it while standing. Donut holes would be a much better choice. No one wants to watch your Uncle Mike tackling a very large, sticky donuts…NO ONE!

What Can Stay…

Weddings are all about personalization these days. So how can couples include their mutual passions or hobbies in cute but not-too-cheesy ways? Here are some great ideas for giving your guests a wedding experience that incorporates something special about you as a couple.

Bridal Brooch Bouquet

Traditional bridal bouquets only last forever in pictures, but for a show-stopping statement piece that stands the test of time—with no preserving necessary—a brooch bouquet is a beautiful choice.

Groom Taking His Bride’s Name

While a man taking his wife’s name is uncommon, it’s not unheard of.  It’s worth noting that, while the name change process for women is relatively similar from state to state, the process for men varies drastically. In some, it’s the same: From Social Security to the DMV, you’ll have to fill out the same forms, provide the same proof and wait in the same lines. But in other states, it’s a more complicated process that requires a court appearance.  Do your research before making your decision.

“First Look”

I had a couple this year do the “First Look” at the very spot they met and got engaged.  This was such a personal & special moment for these two. A walk down memory lane and creating new ones all at the same time.  The ‘First Look’ is a planned moment, on a wedding day, when the couple comes together, after preparing for a very busy day, to see each other for the first time in a private setting before the ceremony. This moment can happen in any way or location the couple sees fit.  Most prefer to be alone, with only their photographers, capturing the moment from afar.

Are you wondering what is a “First Look” and should you consider having one on your wedding day?

Planning for a Wedding Day “First Look”

Food Stations

Cocktail hour is the perfect time for guests to mix and mingle while enjoying delicious food, drinks, and entertainment. Over the past few years, couples have decided to add more interactive elements to their cocktail hour—and we love all the wedding food station ideas, which allow guests to make their way around the room and choose for themselves various delectable and scrumptious items their hosts have planned for them.

Couples should work with their caterer, event designer/florist and stationer to create not just a delicious menu, but a beautiful display that complements the rest of the wedding décor. The table style, linens, florals and signage for your wedding food stations should all seamlessly mesh with the wedding’s look and feel.

Couples Include Their Pets on Their Wedding Day

For many pet owners, your fur baby is just as important as a real-life family member — so it only makes sense that you would include them on one of the most important days of your life.  For these brides and grooms, this meant having their dogs by their side along with the most important people surrounding them.

Live Orchestra

If you think a live wedding orchestra is the kind of thing only Prince Harry and Meghan Markle can afford, we’ve got good news for you!  A wedding orchestra doesn’t actually have to cost an arm and a leg. The key is to understand how you can get the classic orchestra sound with just a few instruments.  A perk of having just a handful of musicians is most venues (including churches) can easily accommodate them. So whether you’re thinking of stringed music to accompany your ceremony, cocktail hour, or dinner, the setup is typically a breeze.

Should You Try a New Trend?

Often, I hear couples worried about choosing something too trendy because, inevitably, times change.

New doesn’t always mean it won’t last, nor that you won’t love it forever even if it doesn’t. If a trend really resonates with you, it’s probably because you really do love it. And if it’s something you love, something that suits you and your guests, then why not try it, even if it seems trendy.

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