Sweet Life Lessons from Willy Wonka
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For the last six weeks, I have had the pleasure of supporting my husband as he performed as Willy Wonka in”Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” with The Playhouse Theater Group of Central Wisconsin.   I got to thinking, after seeing the performance a few times, why I loved it so much.  I believe it is because of the many life lessons it teaches. Here are a few wedding planning tips I’d like to share with you from a wedding planners perspective:

  1. Don’t stop dreaming (and don’t be afraid to dream big). Of course, this is one of my favorite lessons from this story. Here is a boy from the poorest of the poor – his four grandparents have shared a bed for 17 years.  Yeesh!  While other kids are ripping open hundreds or thousands of Wonka bars to find that golden ticket, Charlie still dreams that he could win that golden ticket. His dream of winning a golden ticket comes true and he ends up with riches beyond his wildest dreams. Please allow me to transition to “your wedding” for a moment and explain it this way: Charlie had faith that everything would turn out even when everything was looking to be at their worst.  Your wedding day planning will have its highs and lows.  But let me assure you, your wedding day will be AMAZING!  You will be married to the man of your dreams and you will be surrounded by all your friends and family.  Your dream couldn’t get any more perfect than that!
  2. Spend time with your friends and family.  Charlie loves his family.  Life gets busy and we can get so caught up in it its way too easy to forget there are those in our lives who need our attention.  I understand that planning a wedding can be overwhelming, stressful and most of all time consuming. Don’t forget about your friends and family.  Give your Grandma a call, have coffee with your sister, invite your Mom to go shopping.  Your friends and family will be there long after the wedding is complete.  Give them a call, write them a note, send them a text or give them that overdue phone call and reconnect with those that matter the most.
  3. Gratitude is a beautiful thing. Charlie was grateful.  He cherished the birthday chocolate he received yet still shared it with his family.  Don’t forget to say thank you.  You can never go wrong by showing someone your gratitude.  What are some special ways that you can say or show how thankful you are?
  4. Have a little fun. You can get caught up in all the details and the planning of your wedding.  You need to relax and enjoy this season of your life.  Act silly.  Sing a weird song.  Who cares if people think your odd?
  5. Everybody loves chocolates!
    This is my favorite! It’s self explanatory. Everybody loves chocolates. From the ninety six and a half year old Grandpa Joe to the Oompa-Loompas. There is no finer food known to man (or women). Amen!

Have I missed any lessons Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has taught us?

Share with me in the comments your favorite Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Lesson!

Are you struggling in some of these areas and need help so you can enjoy the wedding of your dreams?  I am here to help make that a reality.  Give me call at 715-347-3566.

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