An emerging trend in weddings today is the idea of a Father/Daughter “First Look.”  Moments between a father and his daughter are so pivotal in a wedding day, from the father walking her down the aisle to the father/daughter dance. The father/daughter “first look” is becoming another moment to add to that list. 

In the wedding planning stages, I ask every bride if she would like to arrange a reveal with her father.  If so, I’ll orchestrate a way for him to either come into the room or for the bride to come down to where he is waiting—I love to witness both of their reactions as they see each other for the first time.  It is just a priceless moment!

A Father having a "First Look" with his daughter on her wedding day.

I think these moments are an important and beautiful thing to orchestrate and here are three reasons to consider having one on your wedding day.

Create Memories

It can be a time for both of you to express your love to each other. This can also be a time for you to put flowers on your father yourself, giving special significance to the moment.  This simple gesture might otherwise go without being captured, but in a Father/Daughter “First Look”, it can be preserved and treasured.

Settle Pre-Wedding Jitters

A first look like this can also help to settle your nerves. Those last few moments of quiet before the ceremony can be filled with anticipation, and spending them with someone you love can help keep you calm.

Something to Consider: Share a Special Moment with a Loved One

This doesn’t have to only be between a father/daughter! You can do a first look with anyone in your family or life who holds special meaning to you. Sometimes it will be with both parents, a sibling or your whole immediate family. Setting aside a few minutes with those special people in your life can be so beautiful, and I’m always happy to add it into the timeline!

Planning Tips:

  • Let your planner know you’re going to add a first look with someone special so they can add it to the timeline. Usually it only takes 5-10 minutes, but it’s nice to have a line on the timeline so we can make sure everyone is ready for it.
  • I recommend letting your special person know where to be at what time. Emphasize that he/she should be fully ready at this time, since there will be photos.

For many of my clients, this first look are among their favorites in the entire wedding day. It’s a beautiful moment to look back on, and it is almost always emotional and touching. You only get one wedding day, make the most out of it for those you love most!

Photo of Marsha VanArk, Wedding Planner @ Distinctly Yours Wedding & Events