In my last post I shared a “wedding day” regret that we did not have a “First Look” as part of our wedding day timeline. Here is the link if you would like to read my advice on our one wedding day regret.

However, we did have another wedding regret but that was not fully realized until after the wedding.  Like I said before, we don’t have many regrets about our wedding but now, 20 years later, we really regret not hiring a professional wedding photographer.  

We were having a quite a large wedding, we thought that a professional wedding photographer wasn’t necessary.  It would be an added expense and that the money could be put towards other costs and our honeymoon. And then when a friend/co-worker of my husband (who was an amateur photographer) offered to take photographs the thought of having a professional photographer never entered our minds again.

I was disappointed as soon as I saw the photos after our wedding. There were so few photos that I felt I could put in a picture frame. Since becoming a wedding planner, I see the most beautiful wedding photos and I so wish that we had hired a professional wedding photographer to capture our special day.

Fast forward 20 years and my advice to you.  What I have realized is that wedding photography is more than having a decent camera and an ability to take a good shot. It’s about having an eye to capture those special moments, to tell the story of your day – as well as all the technical expertise.

Your photo’s last a lifetime – they will bring you endless pleasure over the years to come, long after the food is consumed, the drinks has been drunk and the flowers faded. It is totally worth budgeting for a photographer – if money is tight I would definitely skim money from other areas to ensure you can have one. Hire the best professional wedding photographer you can afford.

If there is one thing I regret about my wedding, it is not having had a professional photographer – please don’t make the same mistake we did.

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