Wedding Planning Consultation

Do you have this whole wedding planning thing nailed, but you just have a few questions or a specific challenge? 

Our hourly consulting services might be just what you need.

Your wedding planning is going smoothly and everything is falling into place when all of a sudden you hit a snag.  Everything else is perfect and you just need help with this one hurdle. Or maybe you just need some advice and guidance through the process without a full-fledged wedding planner.

Don’t worry – very few weddings go off without a hitch (pun intended). It’s perfectly normal for you to turn to somebody for advice or get some questions answered. Usually, you’ll turn to family or friends, but wouldn’t it be nice to have an unbiased professional that you can call?

You’ve got the wedding planning down but you just need occasional help or guidance? My Wedding Planning Consultation services will get you past the rough spots!

Guest enjoying themselves during a wedding recepiton.

How this service works?  

  • A free 30-minute video call to evaluate where you are current in your planning.  
  • What your next steps are.
  • How to execute the vision that you have with a solid plan and key planning tools (timeline template & checklists) that will help everything come together. 
  • Answer to any general questions you may have about the planning process.

Hourly rate of $150 or 3 Sessions for $425.

Our hourly Wedding Planning Consultation service makes us available as much or as little as you need us to be. It’s the perfect service for the DIY couple who wants to plan their own wedding but either needs guidance on a plan to stay on track or just a little assistance with pulling all the details together.
Bride and Groom posing on their wedding day for a photo