We found that having a wedding planner was a great person to “check in” with when we became “stuck”.  Also, to make sure that we were tackling what we needed to in a timely manner.  The selling point for us was having you there the day of the wedding to check in with vendors, assist with setting up the venue, keep everyone on time, and work with everyone behind the scenes to  ensure the night runs smoothly.  This was a huge relief for us as we quickly realized that all of the tasks that would fall on my Mom if we did not have a planner.  Instead, now we all get to enjoy the day and spend the time with our family and friends.  You also served as a great intermediary when my mom and I did not agree. 🙂


I began looking for a wedding planner simply through the internet where I found your business.  We were excited to see that you were at the wedding expo and we were able to get more information about your services.  We liked how you were familiar with the area and the venue as well as had experience working with a variety of styles, themes, and budgets. We liked the different packages you offered and found the fees were a great value for all the services provided.

We enjoyed working with you and truly appreciate all the assistance and insight that you have provided!”
Emily (Blonigen) Tolsma  June 2017



We couldn’t have asked for a better wedding planner.  Thank you for the laughter and memories we won’t soon forget.  You were someone we could always count on.  Thanks for making our day so special.  It was a blessing to work with you.   -Daniel & Brittany

Photography by Kyah Jo

Natashia Nicole Photography
Natashia Nicole Photography


We cannot thank you enough for all you did to make our wedding possible and so memorable!  It all went by too fast.  Thank you for your patience, professionalism, eye for detail and genuine care for us and our event.  Forever grateful to you,

Mike & Laura



Wedding in Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Heather Kessler Photography Wausau, Wisconsin Flowers of the Field, Mosinee, Wisconsin

Thank you for all of your help, ideas, kind words and kind heart.  It all helped make our wedding experience a great one.  We were so happy to have become friends with you.  Thank you!

We couldn’t have done it without you!

Molly & Reed




Katlin & Braden Anderson's Wedding Day Thank You
Photography by Kyah Jo, Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Thank you again for your wonderful help and expertise in assisting with the planning of Braden & Katlin’s wedding.  Everything was so perfect; they truly did have the wedding of their dreams!

The entire event would not have happened without your organization and we’re so grateful.

God bless you!

Dave & Lori Anderson

Dan & Bethany Weltzin
Natashia Nicole Photography


Thanks for all of your hard work and planning for our wedding. We could not have done it without you!  Your expertise, efforts, knowledge and foresight have been fundamental for us in getting everything ready.  We are so grateful for your serving attitude and passion for helping couples like us!

Dan Weltzin (Groom)


Thank you for making our wedding possible!  Your attention to details, thoughtful planning, and gracious help were all so appreciated!  You have such a gift for planning weddings and making them special.  Thank you for serving us on our wedding day, and all of your help in the months of preparation.

                                                                                                     Bethany (Bauer) Weltzin (Bride)


Kinden & Isaac Vasquez Wedding Photo
Laura Schmitt Photography


Wow!  Thank you, thank you for being such a big part in getting all the details organized for our BIG DAY!!  Thank you for bearing with us through a ton of emails and random bits of information 🙂  You are so great and we appreciate the time you have given us to help us in our wedding

Isaac & Kinden

Brown Street Studios

We couldn’t be happier with Marsha’s expertise at our wedding. She helped smooth any bumps during the months of preparation, she was attentive and eager to help, and was an absolute rock-star on the day of our wedding. We would recommend Marsha every time for anyone planning a wedding or special event! We love her!

Jana and Nate

Marsha listened to every last detail that we talked to her about, she gave a wonderful time line of what to do and what to expect. She was 106 there to pick up a phone call or answer an email whenever we has an insecure moment. The Day of the Wedding she was so prepare we just had to show up and take in the moment. Marsha has a distinct talent, and pays close attention to everything down to when the Maid of Honor resigns!. Thank you Marsha for making my daughter’s day the dream come true.

Mary, Mother of the Bride


When my soon-to-be sister-in-law (who is also involved in the wedding industry) heard that we were going to be working with a wedding coordinator, she was a little skeptical. Based on what she had previously seen of wedding planners/coordinators, she was worried that the groom and I would be pressured into agreeing to things that we didn’t actually want. Hearing this, naturally, made me a little nervous, too.
After our first meeting with Marsha, these worries flew out the window. She was fantastic. She listened attentively to what we wanted, and made it clear that she would do everything in her power to make our day as special and unique to us as we wanted. When we didn’t have any ideas about a certain aspect of the ceremony or reception, Marsha offered up a variety of choices that she had seen done in the past. She told us what has worked well and what proved to be troublesome. Marsha was incredibly organized, very professional, helpful, and so much fun to work with. We could tell that this was her passion.
Our wedding day came, and it was flawless. She worked behind-the-scenes to make sure things ran smoothly and was prepared for everything. My bridesmaids needed flower tape and Marsha had it. I needed a pin for the ribbon on my bouquet and Marsha had it. During picture time, I got grass stains on my wedding dress and Marsha was prepared with white chalk. We were about to cut our cake when I noticed that there was no plate for us to put it on. Before I had a chance to say anything, she quickly slipped one onto the table. Thoughtful little gestures like these made our day stress-free and fully enjoyable. There’s nothing we would have changed about our wedding. Marsha helped us plan a beautiful day and we’re convinced that without her, it would not have been possible.

Elyse and Robin


Hello Marsha,33644_627154267511_8312239_n[1]

Dean and I went to a wedding this past weekend and were once again reminded of just how wonderful and an amazing job you did at our wedding! Honestly, I think we talked about how “Oh, Marsha so took care of that” and “Marsha was so great” about 10 times on Saturday during the wedding! There was a wedding coordinator but you truly took the job description above and beyond and for that we were and are still so grateful that the day was a success! Anyways, just a quick little note of encouragement that you….are….WONDERFUL! 🙂 Both professionally and personally!!

Dean and Joanna