In a recent survey of engaged couples getting married in the next few months, they shared that while their guest experience is still important. However, their guest’s health and safety due to the coronavirus is now their main planning priority. 

Couples are also considering safety a key part of their celebrations. To no surprise, couples say health and safety of guests were the most important aspects of planning their wedding during COVID at (71%).
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How To Plan Your Wedding with Your Guest’s Health & Safety in Mind

While I wish we could just push it aside, we know the worries of the coronavirus are still very real and present. Restrictions and guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Federal Government are continuing to change and will remain to play a part of your wedding day. 

As a wedding planner, we have been working behind the scenes to establish safety measures and protocols as we work towards upcoming events. We are here to be a guide for you in these trying times!

To help ease your mind I have pulled together a list of ways to ensure your event is safe for you and your guests. 

Note: We are not certified CDC health experts. Our ideas are suggestions based on current guidelines and our years of experience. We know these may adjust down the road as guidelines change however, as a wedding planner and vendor team, are here to support you and make it the best day ever!

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Start with Pre-Wedding Communication

Wedding Website

Your wedding website makes a great place for updated information on hotel blocks, travel information, and plans. It is easy to update, and you can use it to link to additional info and resources.

The Wedding Invitation

Insert a card detailing safety measure into your invitation envelopes so all guests know what to expect when they accept the invitation.

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Communication During the Event

Throughout the event itself is a great way to inform and remind your guests of the safety measures you have put in place.  Your officiant and your reception Emcee can help guide your guests to be safe. 

Here are some sample safety measures to follow which are suggested by the CDC guidelines and local and state ordinances.  Again, these guidelines are always changing so be sure to do your research before your events just to be safe.  

Limiting Your Guest Count

In order to keep your guests safe, we have been recommending that couples limit their guest list. We are recommending to cut back to 50% capacity of the venue’s maximum.  You may be hesitant to “un-invite” guests that may have originally received a save-the-date, but guests have been completely understanding especially at a time like this.  

Choose an Outdoor Option 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that the COVID-19 virus spreads very easily through person-to-person contact and that the risk of spreading the virus is greater when spending time indoors. You can mitigate some of that risk by hosting an outdoor event where tables are kept at least six feet apart.

Event Signage

Even if you do your best to communicate with your guests before the wedding, it’s helpful to have reminders on the actual day. Invest in signage that gives your guests directions on how to keep others safe throughout the event. Signs for one-way traffic, assigned seats, or masks can help your guests make the wedding as safe as possible.

Other Personal Protective Items

In addition to wearing your own masks, we encourage couples to provide their guests with PPE to keep the event safe. Provide them with masks, hand sanitizer, gloves or any other protective equipment they might want or need. That way, everyone is doing their part to stay safe.

Food and Drink Service

Your caterer is another vendor to stay in close contact with. Talk about the ways they’ll be making mealtime as safe as possible (servers wearing masks and gloves, for example).


Wedding dessert buffet with health & safety in mind.
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In Conclusion

As wedding planners, we are so excited that couples are choosing to move forward with their weddings, but we want to make sure everyone knows the necessary Covid -19 safety precautions to take on wedding day! First and foremost, the main goal is to marry the person you love.  Just as important is to keep the guests that attend your wedding safe! 

Need Help? Hire a Wedding Planner!

Overall, we know how difficult planning a wedding can be… especially during a pandemic!  Hiring a planner can help ease the stress! We would love to help you navigate these uncertain times and guide you in those informed decisions! Our team will make sure all of these safety protocols are being followed and talk through any concerns that are keeping you up at night! We take all the necessary precautions on our end as well to ensure your wedding goes on without a hitch. As event professionals, we are in the business of planning for all possible problems that may arise and want you to trust that we have all our bases covered for your special day!

Marsha VanArk, Lead Wedding Planner at Distinctly Yours Wedding & Events
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