Our Approach

We blend our passion for hospitality with the fine art of meticulous planning so your event will feel fun, relaxed and effortless.

Wedding Party at a Private Property in Eagle River, Wisconsin

The essence of who we are and what we do lies in our process.  We seamlessly move you through a creative and logistical process that allows us to understand you, guide you and then WOW you by sharing your story beyond your imagination.

We Will Capture Your Love Story

No two events are ever alike, as they are inspired by the couples who hire us - and that’s exactly what we love most. Our planning and design process is 100% custom, and it’s designed to capture who you are and what you love about life and each other.  What kind of environment inspires you? What does your dream wedding look like? When you work with us, we’ll personally ensure your vision becomes a reality.  That’s where we come in. We’ll jump in and search through our extensive roster to find the perfect location and vendor team for you.

You Can Relax & Enjoy

We pride ourselves on crafting a wedding weekend that feels like a true getaway for you, your family, and your friends. Yes, we produce rehearsal dinners, welcome parties, weddings, afterparties, and brunches - but we can also plan a spa day, golf outing, boat rides, sunset hikes, wine tastings, and many other activities that will allow you and your guests to immerse in the entire experience.

Bride & Groom taking in their wedding reception.

Understand Hospitality

With a background in hospitality that spans over twenty years, we know exactly what it takes to produce an event that makes people feel taken care of. We know food, we know wine, we know service - we know how to entertain the young and the old. We’ll provide you with a high level of service, both on the weekend of your event and in the year (and sometimes more)-leading up to it. We limit our client list to give you the experience you deserve.

Bide & Groom taking 15 minutes to take in being married

We Make It Easy

Producing a wedding is time-consuming and strategic, but we've created a virtual system to streamline and simplify the entire planning process. You’ll work with us via video conferencing and email from the comfort of your own home. We’ll seamlessly manage all logistics and aesthetics and are your wedding planners, event designers, and producers all in one.

The Party!

This is what we live for!  On the wedding day, we are in our element, managing your dream team, bringing your design to life and so that you can take in every moment of such a memorable event.