Choosing your wedding party can seem challenging and overwhelming at first, but you need to put much time and thought into it so you will end up with a supportive group of people who are excited to see you tie the knot on your big day. To ensure that you have the best experience possible with choosing your wedding party, here are some tips in picking a wedding party full of positive, loving people who are your family or close friends.

Choose wisely

Selecting your wedding party can be a daunting task that could suck all the fun out of being newly engaged.  Yet, it is one not to take light or make too quickly.  

Ask yourself these questions when considering who would be a good fit in your wedding party:

  • Will this person support me through my wedding planning and into my marriage?
  • Will this person be my friend through the good & the bad parts of wedding planning?
  • Does their life have capacity to even to do what might be needed to be done or even participate? (ie. Do they live across the country or are they just very busy with school, a career or even getting married themselves?)
  • Last but not least, do they have a positive personality to have around you in your role of being a bride?  (ie. your sister, who’s a logical choice for a bridesmaid, but she is the most negative person you know…Would she be a good choice to surround yourself with on such a happy day?)  

Can the people in your wedding party fill the roles that they may be asked to do?

Being part of a wedding party might be a new experience for those you choose to include.  With that in mind, it would be great to layout what those roles and responsibilities will be so there isn’t any confusion.

Wedding Party Roles & Responsibilities

Do you have some expectations with your wedding party?  What are they?  

If so, then you need to make those really, really clear! For example, do have the expectation that your bridesmaids put together a bridal shower for you?  You need to make that clear up front.    

Do you have a plan to keep them informed?  Is it a group chat or group text?  Keeping them informed will save lots of misunderstandings.

Make a plan. 

Good communication can save you lots of time and your sanity during those last few weeks before your wedding.  So…save yourself from those confusing group texts and an overwhelming amount of “where am I supposed to be” and “what am I supposed to do” emails by letting your wedding party know exactly what they need to know before and on the wedding day.

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