Meet Halee & Kyle.

Halee and Kyle are two Madison-dwelling lovebirds who hale from the Wausau area, and chose to have a hometown wedding at the beautiful Rothschild Pavilion. Halee is a smart cookie and was very thoughtful, decisive and on top of things, so planning with her was a joy. She’s a nurse, which funny enough is a common thread among many of the couples we get to work with! We had more than enough time to plan their wedding since Halee had booked our wedding planning services about 18 months out from the wedding day, so planning was a breeze, and wasn’t rushed at all. 

Videography by Megan Odessa

Wedding flower details springy wedding
Wedding dress hanging at Rothschild Pavilion
Grooms details with packer socks
Groom getting ready for wedding day at Rothschild Pavilion wedding
Bride putting on earrings at Rothschild Pavilion spring wedding
Spring wedding stationery
Bride with whole extended family ladies dressed together wedding morning
Bride and mom getting in wedding dress
Marsha pins the boutonniere on the groom at Rothschild Pavilion

All photos by Kailey Stencil Photography

The First Look

Bride and groom right before first look at Rothschild Pavilion
Bride and groom right before first look at Rothschild Pavilion
Bride and groom reading vows to each other during first look
His and hers vow books
Bride with dad first look Wausau wedding
Bride with dad embracing before wedding day
Halee & Kyle’s wedding was smooth, beautiful, and so much fun. They had a lovely, tight-knit group of family and friends, and the ceremony was full of warmth and joy. They also wanted to celebrate in a unique way, so they swapped out their unity candle for something a little more festive.

Weddings at the Rothschild Pavilion

Halee and Kyle knew that they wanted to have a Wausau wedding, and they wanted the Rothschild Pavilion because the ceremony and reception could be onsite, and the setting is beautiful. The Pavilion has the option to have an outdoor ceremony, but Halee knew that she didn’t want to have the weather variable so their plan from the very beginning was to have the ceremony inside. She wanted to avoid any unnecessary “drama” or changing plans, so it allowed for us to have a concrete plan set in place before the wedding day. Plus, the Pavilion is a large, lovely space, has tons of natural light, a bar area, fireplace area, dance floor, large bathrooms (and a private one for the Bride & bridesmaids, as well!).

Having the ceremony and reception in the same space meant that we needed to do a room flip since the ceremony and reception would be taking place in the same space. The logistics of a flip can be complicated and require some tricks up our sleeve in what to do with the guests, who to help carry tables and chairs, and to have a choreographed plan of what will go where so there aren’t disputes or confusion in front of the wedding guests. To prepare for this, we had extra team members there to help with this transition. 

The room was large enough that we were able to have tables off to the side, and they were tucked away and not visible during the ceremony. When it’s time for the flip, we just pulled the tables out and set the chairs around them. The centerpieces were even in place ahead of time since they weren’t particularly tall. Sometimes these room flips can be tricky because the catering staff isn’t able to do table settings ahead of time since the tables aren’t set up quite in time, but choosing to have a buffet allowed for a strategy to streamline the room flip, and help the catering team out. 

When all was said and done, the flip only took 45 minutes. During this time, the wedding party was outside taking photos, and the guests had a delightful little cocktail hour in a portion of the pavilion that wasn’t affected by the flip. During this time, Missy’s Beverage & Bartending set up the most gorgeous champagne fountain, among other things! The champagne fountain was such a lovely and functional centerpiece that allowed guests to have a special champagne moment in such a special way.

Wedding Party Rothschild Pavilion outdoor photos
Bride and groom with wedding party at Rothschild Pavilion
Jenga guest book
Memory table at rothschild pavilion wedding
Outdoor yard games for wedding reception at Rothschild Pavilion
Seating chart for Rothschild Pavilion wedding reception in frame
Champagne fountain at Rothschild Pavilion
Bar at Rothschild Pavilion
Wedding reception space at Rothschild Pavilion

For couples planning a wedding at the Rothschild Pavilion, it’s important to keep a few things in mind, and consider hiring a wedding planner. At the Pavilion, since there isn’t a venue coordinator employed by the Pavilion, the couple’s planner (or family, if a planner is not hired) is the last person in the venue to go through an extensive checklist of cleaning and set up tasks, and if the venue is not properly broken down and cleaned, the couple has responsibility for that and may have to tie up loose ends and make it right when they’re trying to get started with their honeymoon. We appreciate that the Pavilion has a security guard as part of the wedding so if there are any security issues, the wedding planner, couple, or family doesn’t have to be the person to deal with that.

Bride and groom grand entrance wedding reception Rothschild Pavilion
Popcorn for wedding reception favor
Wedding dance at Rothschild Pavilion
Guests celebrating at Rothschild Pavilion outside

Halee & Kyle's Vendor List

Weddings are impossible without a strong team of vendors pulling it off. Click on the name of each vendor to be directed to their website.

Videography: Megan Odessa Media

Florist: Green Bee Girl

Bartending: Missy’s Beverage & Bartending

Rentals: AC & Sons

Transportation: Shorty’s Transportation

Halee & Kyle, you are both such bright lights, and we were honored to be your wedding planner. We hope your first months of marriage have been a tremendous gift to each of you. All our love!


Marsha & Team

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