Weekly Wedding Questions: Your Out-of-Town Guests

Each week I will take a question that couples have asked me and pass on what I shared with them.

How many different price levels should I offer my out-of-town guests for hotel options?

It is important to understand that with the economy today, not everyone is going to be able to stay at your hotel of choice.  By giving your guests two options, you will eliminate unnecessary financial stress for your guests and allow them to enjoy their time with you.  That’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Am I required to invite all my out-of-town guests to my rehearsal dinner?

There are no rules that state you are required to invite all out of town guests to the rehearsal dinner. While it is a nice gesture, budget and the option of having an intimately sized dinner may be more important when making the decision.

While the rehearsal dinner is happening, you can always provide a more casual welcome reception for guests who are arriving, but not attending the rehearsal dinner.  This is a great way to welcome everyone and thank them for coming.  Any nice touch you provide for your guests outside of the wedding day will be considered an extra bonus in their eyes!

There will be more questions answered so please send us your questions and help make your wedding planning worry-free and stress-free.