I know this is a speech that I have given before, but, the importance of it bares saying again (and again).

The number one money saving tip you can do is to put together a wedding budget.

I know it’s not something fun or exciting nor does it sound great after just getting engaged, but this one single thing will save you lots of money! Even if you have already started wedding planning and haven’t done this. DO IT NOW! I have talked with so many couples that did not have a budget in place and when those final months before the wedding came, they were completely shocked and stressed out by costs that they did not plan for. If you plan now, you will have less stress and worry during your wedding planning.  Guaranteed!  Also, you will not experience PWFSD commonly known as “Post-Wedding Financial Stress Disorder.”  Okay, maybe I made that one up, but I have witnessed it countless times.

Here are a few tips from me before you get started…

Do your research

You are going to need to know what those key areas in your wedding are.  For example, you need to know if budgeting $2000 for your wedding photography is an accurate amount for your local area.  After a few web searches or phone calls you may come to find out  that all photographers in your local area start at $5000 thereby changing your estimate.

Talk with your fiance and your families

What amount are you and your finance going to contribute to the wedding budget? Are your families going to assist with any of the wedding expenses? Decide ahead of time who will pay for what.

Key wedding expenses

What are those areas that you just can not do without? You need to decide what is most important to the both of you.

Once you have gathered all these details you are ready to begin.  Yet, if you still just don’t know where to begin and need some assistance, I am here to help. I can come alongside you to create that realistic budget and keep both of you accountable to it with no stress or worry.