Bride and groom snuggling under autumn vines on wedding day

All photography by O&B Photo Co

Meet Oshi + Darren.

Oshiona + Darren met in high school in a shared history class, but never spoke a word to each other. After years went by the two reconnected on Facebook and started talking, and never stopped. The rest is history.

Romantic and moody wedding details
Bridal makeup palette
Groom getting wedding suit on wedding day purple lined coat
Bride in luxe robe with wine on wedding morning
Bridesmaid with champagne wedding morning
Bride with fan and huge smile
Bridal gown hanging on wedding morning

Choosing the Venue: Riverstone Premier

When asking Oshiona why she chose Riverstone in Fort Atkinson, here was her response: “It was PERFECT the moment I saw it online I knew and when we did the tour Darren began to fill the same way. It was so neutral and I felt I could decorate it and make it my own without much effort because the venue is gorgeous on its own.” It also had a wheelchair accessible aisle so that Oshiona’s dad would be able to seamlessly walk her down the aisle. It checked all the boxes!

Outdoor wedding ceremony venue at Riverstone
Exterior building at Riverstone Premier with vines
Groom and groomsmen playing poker on wedding morning
Groom portrait outside at Riverstone WI
Groomsmen picking up groom before wedding day
Groom and groomsmen outside at Riverstone

The First Looks

Time to break out the tissues. We LOVED bearing witness to the beautiful first looks between Oshi and her dad, her bridesmaids, and finally her groom. Thanks to Riverstone’s many gorgeous locations, we had great spots for having meaningful first looks in lovely spaces.

Bride and father first look with tears
Bride with dad first look crying
Bride kissing dad on the cheek after first look
Bride having first look with bridesmaids at Riverstone Wisconsin
Bride and dad having first look with tears in their eyes
Bridesmaids crying with first look bride
Bride emotional after first look with bridesmaids
First touch bride and groom before ceremony

The Ceremony

In their words:

Oshiona: “I felt overwhelmed and anxious – I wanted to see Darren, talk to him, touch him, just be in his presence and tell him I loved him. My favorite part was either the first touch or when I was standing at the aisle getting ready to walk down. When I got there, everything blurred and I only saw him.”

Darren: “I was nervous. I didn’t want to mess up anything and I was excited to see Oshi. When I saw Oshi coming down the aisle, she looked perfect.”

To seal the deal, Oshiona & Darren participated in an age-old tradition in her family, “jumping the broom.” They were also able to share the story, the history, and its importance.

Guests walking out to outdoor ceremony at Riverstone in Wisconsin
Chairs with photos for deceased at wedding ceremony
Bridesmaid and groomsmen walking down aisle in blue and purple
Bride with father right before they walk down the aisle
Violin player at ceremony
Ceremony at Riverstone with hexagon backdrop
Jump the broom tradition wedding ceremony
Recessional with smiling bride and groom at Riverstone Fort Atkinson
Bride and groom kissing at the end of the aisle
Bride and groom walking back into Riverstone after recessional

The Wedding Party

Bridal party in blue and purple at Riverstone Wisconsin
Bridal party in purple and blue walking together Riverstone
Bride portrait with purple flowers
Bride and groom portrait in gardens at Riverstone
Groom with bride behind portrait at Riverstone

The Reception

The reception was so well decorated, thanks to Oshi & Darren’s color and decor choices. They were inspired by their favorite colors: blue for Darren, and purple for Oshi. Our planning combined with the smooth execution from the Riverstone catering staff allowed for a seamless flow from ceremony through the reception.

Interior reception space at Riverstone
Wedding cake with purple flowers and hexagon
Head table setting at Riverstone Wisconsin reception
Bride and groom cutting the cake
Purple place cards for wedding reception at Riverstone
Words of advice for wedding day
Purple flowers on wedding cake
First dance in front of giant LOVE letters

Oshiona & Darren's Vendor Team

We are SUPER proud to have been the wedding planner for this wedding, but even so, there is no way we could have even dreamed of pulling off this wedding without this talented team of wedding professionals. To be directed to each vendor’s website, click on the business name.

Venue & Catering: Riverstone Premier

Photography: O&B Photo Co

Stationery: Adeline Margaret

Videography: Ward 3 Media

Florist: Lings Moment

Hair Stylist: Kytas Touch & Ariana Waddell

Makeup: DLove Moua

Officiant: Koru Ceremony

Baker: Craig’s Cake Shop

DJ: Midwest Sound DJ

Guest Shuttles: Lamers

Bride and groom in architectural space at Riverstone
Bride and groom kissing in cool hallway at Riverstone


Darren + Oshiona,

Thank you for trusting us with your wedding planning. It was an absolute joy to plan alongside you for the months leading up to your wedding, and experiencing the wedding day with you was such a highlight for us professionally and personally. You are two tremendous people and we are thrilled for you both. We hope your first year of marriage has surprised you in wonderful ways!

All our love,

Marsha + Team

Wisconsin Wedding Planner

We are your trusted Wisconsin wedding planner with well over a decade of experience, ready to guide you through the wonderful and wild process of wedding planning. We are here for you!