The “First Look” for a wedding couple is becoming more and more popular…and many engaged couples are very torn between tradition and stepping out to do something different.


First things first…what is a “First Look”?


 It’s an opportunity for you to have 10-15 minutes alone together on the wedding day. In essence, it’s seeing each other before you actually get married; just the two of you. Then, taking time to get those portraits of just the two of you before all the hustle and bustle of the day begins. Photographers love it because it gives them more time to get those amazing photos.  But not everyone is in favor of a “First Look”.

Here may be a few reasons why NOT to do the “First Look”:


It’s Not Traditional

Keeping with tradition can be really important to some brides and grooms. Parents might not understand either.

Bad Luck

Superstitious individuals say that seeing each other before the wedding can be bad luck. (By the way – this superstition started when arranged marriages were the norm.  Parents told their children this so that kids wouldn’t back out of the marriage.)

“The Moment” 

The moment he first sees you walking down the aisle won’t be the same.

Here are a few reasons why it would be a GOOD idea to have the “First Look”:


  The ONLY time you will be along ALL DAY

Being able to enjoy and savor that first moment of seeing one another on your wedding day; without all your guests watching – just the two of you!  Being able to hug/kiss/cry/laugh/smile and not feel like you have to hold back because others are watching.

More Fabulous Photos 

After the “First Look,” the photographer will take you away to get some great photos of you; romantic, fun, stylish and emotional images. And you’ll be so much more relaxed.

Quick Breather  

Once done with your portraits,  NOW you can take a few moments to relax and get a breather before you walk down the aisle.


Depending on what time of year your wedding is or how late the ceremony starts, a “First Look” enables the couple to have beautiful natural light photos while it is still light outside. Doing a “First Look”, bride/groom photos, bridal party photos, and even family photos prior to the ceremony and sunset would allow for photos outside in the beautiful light.

Calming the Nerves

Couples are definitely less nervous for the ceremony and the rest of the wedding day when they do a “First Look”. They are just as excited and anxious, but less nervous since they have already had time with their soul mate before the ceremony. One bride described it best when she said that the “First Look” and walking down the aisle were two completely different experiences, but just as emotional and memorable. Walking down the aisle was something she had always dreamed about and the “First Look” was something she had been looking forward to in the time leading up to the wedding.  Each were incredibly beautiful and emotional in their own way.

Time After the Ceremony  

Now you get to enjoy a portion of the reception with your  family and loved ones since many of your photos are already finished.

Even if you choose to go the traditional route of not having the groom see the bride before the wedding day, you can still schedule some time together.  How about praying together around a corner or blindfolding the groom and spending a few moments together?  Get creative!

What are your thoughts? Are there additional pros or cons that you can think of? If you’ve already been married and did/didn’t do a “First Look” – what are your feelings about it?  I would love to hear your wedding story with a “First Look”.


Central Wisconsin Wedding Planner