Bakery-Slice of Heaven, Marshfield, Wisconsin Photo-JoJo Photography
Bakery-Slice of Heaven, Marshfield, Wisconsin
Photo-JoJo Photography

This last week I had the pleasure of being part of two tastings with a bride and groom I am wedding planning with.  I love how delicious my job is!  I highly encourage all of my couples to do a tasting with their caterer if they can.  Well, I did not realize until after the first meeting, how nervous the bride & groom were.  But in the end, they had a lot of fun and were really glad they did it.

I don’t want you to feel this way.  There is a great importance to having a tasting before your wedding day. Here are some reasons why and what to expect.  Also, some food tasting etiquette you should know.



Why it is important to do a tasting?

It is a chance for you to personalize some of your menu items.

 Your wedding day will have lots of personal touches.  Why shouldn’t your menu have a personal touch to it, too?  This is a chance for you to see if those roasted potatoes are everything you would want them to be.

This may be the only dress rehearsal for food that you have.

 You may have seen photos of all your choice items and they look great, but you have no idea how it is all going to work together.  In a food tasting, you can have a better idea of how your menu will taste. It will give you peace of mind and eliminate the doubt of if what you serve on your wedding will be good. 

It allows you to have a better understanding of the caterer’s menu packages. 

Sometimes, it is easy to choose a package that has so many inclusions. Also, you can inquire with the caterers to customize your package; to ensure that everything included is something you really like.

Look for signs of good-quality foods and ingredients.  

They can be a clues to a caterer’s attention — or inattention — to detail.

I will say that every tasting that I have attended, the bride and groom have left with a completely different menu design then when they arrived.

What to expect at a food tasting?

 To start, they will serve you each water to clean your palate between courses or if you are serving wine and champagne this would be a great opportunity to have a sampling, too. Then, they will serve the meal in courses so you don’t have to rush.  I recommend bringing a notepad and pen to take notes after each course.  After you have finished, the caterer will confirm your menu choices or make any adjustments needed.

Etiquette & Tips for Your Tasting  

Yes, there are some guidelines and some common sense things you just need to be aware of  concerning a food tasting.

Don’t eat ahead of time. 

Everything tastes better when you are hungry.  Don’t eat for at least 3 hours before the tasting. Otherwise, you will end up extremely full and uncomfortable.

Tell the truth.

The tasting is the time to express how you feel about the food. Trust me, the chef would much rather know NOW that you don’t like something or that you’d like a substitute.  You’re not going to hurt anybody’s feelings if you are mindful of the WAY you say it.

Bring as few people as possible. 

WHY? Well, the more people you have at the tasting the more opinions you have to consider.  Also, do your best to keep on task. The tasting has a purpose; so don’t get sidetracked with chatter that is not related to your wedding day.

Don’t get drunk! 

If you’re lucky enough to taste the wine or your signature drink, please be mindful of yourself. That is all!

Oh, one last one 

If you received great service and were accommodated well, don’t forget to tip your server.

Have you done your food tasting?  What was your experience been like?  Are you in the midst of your planning and not sure your have time to do all that needs to be done or need guidance as to where to begin.  Give us a call to see how we can help.  

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Credits:  Bakery-Slice of Heaven Bakery, Marshfield, Wisconsin

Photo credit to JoJo Photography