You have all your wedding planning set and ready for your wedding day.  Now your wondering…what do I need to communicate to my wedding party to avoid confusion and added stress on the wedding day?

Good communication with your wedding party can save you time and your sanity during the last few weeks before your wedding.  So…save yourself from those confusing group texts and an overwhelming amount of “where am I supposed to be” and “what am I supposed to do” emails by letting your wedding party know exactly what they need to know before and on the wedding day.

1.  A Timeline of Events.

Prepare an itinerary of the day, including everything from what time and where they should arrive in the morning. Also, what time they should be finished getting ready so the photographer can start taking pictures to when they should expect the wedding event to be finished. That way, they’ll have a schedule of events to refer.

2.  A list of FAQ that are specific to them or your wedding day.Creating an itinerary for you wedding party help keeps the wedding day less confusing.

This will help tame your inbox and text messages. Put together a list of questions you think your wedding party may want to know about the day-of-the wedding. It can be what is appropriate attire for the rehearsal dinner to what shade of lipstick you would like on the wedding day.

3.  What the food situation will be like throughout the day.

If your wedding party will be arriving early in the morning, let them know if breakfast or lunch will be provided for them.

4. When  and where their dates can meet them.

Let them know what time and where their dates should arrive and meet them. Let me tell you that is the last thing you’ll want is someone bringing their boyfriend or girlfriend to hang out and eat your snacks when you’re all getting ready.  It has happened.  Awkward!

5. Who is the point person for them to contact.9 things you should communicate with your wedding party

On the day of your wedding, you should avoid having to be tied to your phone. Give everyone the contact info of the person who will be your personal assistant for the day and responsible for fielding all those endless questions for the day.

6. A list of things they should bring with them.

Tell your wedding party to pack mini-emergency kits for themselves or to have a backup of item in case weather changes (ie. unbrella)

7. A change of comfort shoes.

Remind them that they shouldn’t plan to wear their high-heels or rented shoes all day, they’ll will be limping and screaming out in pain from their blisters.  Suggest to bring comfortable shoes to walk around in after the ceremony or after formal pictures are taken.

8. What the back plan is in case of bad weather.

Include them in on what changes might occur if there are any, for example, bad weather.  

9. Most of all…tell them how thankful you are to have them as part of your wedding day.

A simple “thank you” and a sweet note of appreciation and share how honored you are to have them be part of your special day.  

Marsha VanArk


Marsha VanArk at Distinctly Yours Wedding & Events