Wedding Videography…it is that one “all-important” thing that captures all those special wedding day moments!

Why is wedding videography so impotant? Your wedding day is a day you will never be able to re-capture again.  Wedding videography is priceless in those years to come.  Initially, you will be very excited to see your wedding photos and I am not trying to steal the show from the wedding photographer at all.  Those images will be just as priceless as well.  I just can’t get over how I am still moved to tears every time my husband and I watch our wedding video.  I know you will be, too.  I recommend sitting down and evaluating that wedding budget to see how you could make wedding videography work for you.

Here is a article of 10 great reasons to consider when hiring a videographer for your wedding day and recomendations of how to add it to your wedding plan and budget.

Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Videographer

After watching this video and reading this article, I hope I have you convinced as to the investment and the importance of wedding videography.  Leave a comment or a question, if you still haven’t made that decision.  What is holding you back?

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