Bride with Hair StylistAs your wedding day gets closer, you’ll want to book your hairstylist and makeup artist for a trial run-through. But what if you’re not happy with the results of the trial? Should you try again, or look for another vendor?

Answer:  To have a successful hair-and-makeup trial, it’s important to clearly communicate what you’re looking for from the beginning—bring inspiration photographs to help illustrate what you’re looking for. And during the trial, it’s important to speak up and ask for adjustments along the way, if what they’re doing isn’t quite working for you. Wedding makeup artists and hairstylists are the professionals and know how to take direction, so it’s up to you to say something (even if it may feel a bit awkward). However, it is impolite to request a second trial for free. If you think they will be able to nail it with a little more direction on your end, then offer to pay for a second trial. But if you feel it’s just not the right fit, then it’s better to kindly part ways now and look for someone else.

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