Real Wisconsin Farm Wedding

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed planning and executing Ryan & Katelyn’s family farm wedding. The whole thing was gorgeous from beginning to end. I have always had a soft spot for weddings that take place on a  family farm because I was born and raised on a farm myself.  I knew it was going to be a special day for everyone.    

Ryan & Katelyn’s farm wedding came together exactly how weddings would have happened centuries ago. Two families would come together and everyone would contribute their time, knowledge, craftsmanship and skills to make one heck of a wedding celebration right there on the farm. It would involve the whole family and the greater community for it all to come together perfectly. This is exactly how Ryan & Katelyn’s wedding day came together. It was so fun to be part of something so meaningful for all those that attended.

Huge White Tent in the middle of a corn field for a couple's Wisconsin farm wedding

Stevens Point, Wisconsin Farm Wedding

Ryan & Katelyn’s wedding took place on Ryan’s family farm just outside of Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Ryan & Katelyn worked for two years to prepare the place for their wedding day.  It was a true labor of love for them, their families and the greater Stevens Point community . This farm shared so many memories and meaning for them to have their wedding there; surrounded by all their friends and family.  And it couldn’t have been more perfect. 

Irish Scott Productions captured the day perfectly.  Watch this amazing video to see how their beautiful wedding day unfolded. 

In addition, Magdalene Photography was there to capture all those fun and special details throughout the wedding day.  And…it wouldn’t have been a wedding without Katelyn & Ryan doing something a little out of the ordinary. Be sure to peruse all the way to the end to see what Katelyn & Ryan did.

Ryan & Katelyn add a bit of their personality to their wedding day!  

Ryan & Katelyn, thank you, thank you, thank you for trusting me and allowing us to be part of your wedding day! I will always be so proud and so grateful that I got to be a small part of your Big Day. 

Ryan & Katelyn's Creative Wedding Team

What you need to consider when planning a Wisconsin Farm Wedding  

A wedding on a farm with a rustic feel is a big wedding trend. Before you start planning on how to make your dream wedding come to life, there’s a few questions you need to ask first before considering your family farm as a wedding venue.

Is the farm an actual working farm?

Your idea of a farm wedding may be the cute red barn sitting on a lush piece of land with you posed perfectly in front of it as the sun sets. In reality, you might be looking at a totally different picture. Make sure you know all of the design details before booking your wedding on a farm. A Pinterest farm wedding may look perfect, but that means you have to get married at the exact correct time. Visit with the owners of the farm to ensure your design fits their design details.

Is the farm easy to find for wedding guests?

Farms are often far off the main road, so you need to figure out where people will park, how far they will need to walk, and how easy it is to navigate around the area. In addition, make sure the address will match any online map. If not, give each guest a detailed map to the location. Sometimes, farms are off the map with a strange address that isn’t easy to find. You don’t want guests missing the wedding because they got lost!

Are there working bathrooms?  Are there enough?

It might sound like a silly question, but many farms perfect for a wedding might not actually have modern plumbing. You may want to rent a few portable bathrooms. It may not sound classy enough for a wedding, but guests will be much happier they aren’t squatting in the corn field!

What do I need to rent for the ceremony and the reception?

Just because you’ve found the perfect farm doesn’t mean it will easily come together as a wedding venue that is ready to host hundreds of guests. For example, you may need to rent tables and chairs to ensure you have enough seating for dinner.  In addition, you may need to hire a caterer to accommodate a meal for your guests which may also mean you will have to rent dinnerware and linens. Lighting is a big deal, so as the sun sets, you may need to rent extra lighting for your guests to navigate after dark. You have the structure, but you need hundreds of smaller details to bring it to life.

Do we have to deal with pests?

Pesky pests like mosquitoes, flies or even mice & bats can be part of any outdoor setting.  What do you need to consider to keep those critters away from guests?  Do you need to bring in some citronella candles, bug zappers, and bug spray or will you need to bring in some pros to make sure your guests are not bothered by those critters?

Do animals live on the farm?

The odds are that if you are having a wedding on or near a working farm, animals making noise in the distance will be part of the picture. You probably don’t want to be hearing or smelling them during your wedding! Ask the owners what they do during the time you plan to get married.

Since we live in the Dairy State, it’s only natural that many Wisconsin couples choose to marry on a farm. These weddings have a style all their own, mixing down-to-earth sensibility with hospitality, and vintage elements that honor a rich heritage. 

Often, the farm has been in the family for generations much like Katelyn & Ryan’s farm. If this is something that inspired some ideas about your own desire for a Wisconsin farm wedding, we have some of our own Central Wisconsin barns that have been turned into event spaces and are available for rental, including Eron’s Event Barn, Trillium Creek Wedding Barn, Willow Springs Garden or Willow Pond Bed & Breakfast