AHow to Handle Guest Who Don't RSVPdd (3)Questions:  What should I do about people who still haven’t told us if they will be attending our wedding and our caterer needs the final head count?  Should we call them to find out if they are coming? Or can we assume that they’re not coming?

Answer:  As far as final head count goes, you should never assume. Call or send them an email to see if they’re coming.  Here are a few possible messages you can use.

“Hi, how have you been? We were just wondering if you are able to be at our wedding?  I hate being a stickler, but we do need to know for numbers sake, and we’d love for you to be there!”

‘Hello, how are you? Listen, with the way snail mail is I haven’t gotten your RSVP…they probably lost it….anyway I need to give my caterer a final head count so are you able to come to the wedding?

“We are really excited about the wedding and wanted to find out if you and your guest will be attending our wedding?”

You shouldn’t have to phone anyone repeatedly.  If any of your guests happen to call you at the last minute with a “yes,” you can either inform them that you’ve already given your caterer the head count, or if it’s important to you to have them at the wedding, say you will do your best to accommodate them. If you decide on the latter, let your caterer know immediately and update your seating plan.

RSVP Tip:  For those of you who haven’t yet sent your RSVP cards out, NUMBER THEM, and give corresponding numbers to your guest list.  You will be shocked by the number of people who send an RSVP card just marked “yes” without any hint as to who it is responding.

Do you have any wedding related questions?  Please leave them in the comments below or give me a call, and I will do my best to answer it for you.

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