wedding_plans_ring_on_bookYour engagement has been a whirlwind of planning and pre-wedding activities all in preparation for your wedding day. You’ve been busy researching, interviewing and finalizing details for months. So, why do you still have this feeling that you might be missing something?

Just in case, I’ve covered a few of those “last minute” details  you may or may not have caught in your planning. If not-relax. I’ll go over a few with you so you can be assured you are 100% on top of everything.

Don’t forget about your marriage license! This was the first of many “final countdown” items. Be sure to put it on your calendar. Also, make it fun for the two of you and plan a date around it.

Do a final check in with all your vendors 2-4 weeks before the wedding day.  Confirm arrangements with your pros and make sure they all have exact directions and a contact person’s cell phone number.Wedding Party Thank You Gifts

Purchase gifts for your wedding attendants. Have them wrapped and ready to give out at either the rehearsal dinner or bridesmaids luncheon.

Put together a wedding day timeline. Trust me — you definitely don’t want to skip this, no matter how reliable or punctual everyone is. I’ve witnessed firsthand how one little glitch can create utter chaos and throw everything off. Include some padding of time, just in case mishaps do occur.

Organize all your needed items for the wedding. This list may include: toasting glasses, guest book and pen, unity candle, ring pillow, flower girl basket(s), cake knife and server, favors, etc.  Also, to stay organized, put all these items in storage bins or boxes (labeled) in one location to ensure not forgetting anything when it is time to pack up for the wedding.

Pack a kit with wedding-day emergency items; even if you don’t think you’ll need them.  Also, make sure you assign someone (i.e. Maid of Honor or another bridesmaid) to get it to the ceremony and reception location for you.  Some suggestions:

– Brush, hair spray, curling iron and dryer
– Makeup
– Breath mints
– Safety pins
– Mini sewing kit (with matching thread)
– Toothbrush and toothpaste
– Tape
– Matching finger nail polish
– Small pack of tissues
– Aspirin and antacid
– Eye drops
– Bobby pins
– List of important names and phone numbers
– Portable iron
– Extra cash and change
– Pair of comfortable shoes to change into

Prepare all final payments and/or tips that will be paid to any wedding vendors on the day of the wedding.  These need to be ready in individual envelopes for the Best Man (or any trusted individual) to hand out.  Be sure to have these prepared in advance to ensure that you won’t forget any payments and eliminate the need to worry about it on the wedding day.

st-diy_easy_seating_chart-e1340040389197Decide who will sit where. To make it easier, consider using a digital seating chart tool like or, which helps you manage everything electronically.  These sites allow you to drag and drop guests’ names to different tables and color code your entire guest list. Also, make your RSVP date about three weeks before the wedding date so that you have enough time to determine the final headcount and contact those stragglers.

Don’t forget about your honeymoon details— passports, airline tickets, hotel reservations, etc. It’s a good idea to start packing at least one week before your departure. Consider what the climate will be like and the sorts of activities you have planned for the trip and pack accordingly. Traveling tip – don’t forget to bring along plenty of single dollar bills for tipping cab drivers and baggage handlers, etc.

Assign those small-but-very-important wedding day tasks. For example: guest book attendant, pre-wedding delivery of ceremony and reception items, post-wedding transport of gifts and any décor you would like to keep, wedding gown preservation, groom’s tux rental return.images (6)

Repeat after me: Everything will turn out great! 
A lot of brides I have worked with have said that the last month leading up to the wedding is the hardest.  My advice is when things get stressful and hectic, repeat the following positive affirmations that all of the hard work, planning and sacrifices will have been worth it.  I guarantee it!!!


What are those “last minute” details that you did not have on your list?  Please share.  Are there any that I have missed?  Please share those, too.  If these last minute details seem overwhelming and you need some help pulling everything together.  Please give me a call to see how I can help.

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