Ways to Save Time, Money & Reduce Stress While Wedding PlanningAre you stressing about where you are going to find the time and money to pull together your wedding day?  Have you considered hiring a wedding planner?  You might be asking how would hiring a wedding planner save me time or money?  Here are 3 reasons why hiring a wedding planner will do just that.  Guaranteed!

1.  Stress

This is something that I know you are experiencing already.  It is normal to feel the pressure to pull off such a big day.  By hiring a wedding planner,  you would have someone that will come alongside you and share this experience with you.   A professional wedding planner is going to deal with all those things that cause you stress so you don’t have to…that is a very nice plus.  Another bonus or benefit you will receive is that you will get to enjoy your engagement.  Also, you will be able to experience those special moments of your wedding day with your friends and family and not worry or stress whether all your wedding details are falling into place.  One more thing, all those details you’ve put together – they will happen because your wedding planner will execute it all beautifully with your vision in mind.

2.  Money

A wedding planner will help you develop a realistic budget.  They have already worked with a full range of vendors, know the best values in the market and can uncover those hidden costs and surprises in contracts.  The best thing about hiring a wedding planner is they will STAY within or under budget… that’s their job!

3.  Time

It takes a total of 250 hours to plan a wedding.  Wow!  Researching,  phone calls (including lots of phone tag) and scheduling meetings is the biggest part of the time required to plan a wedding.  A planner would have the established resources for all your planning to come together very quickly.   Also, on your wedding day you will be part of those moments with your new spouse and all your friends and family, not having to take time away to make sure every detail is falling into place.

Do you still have more questions to see if a wedding planner is right for you?  Please comment below with your questions.  I would love to hear them.

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