Engagement PhotosWhen it comes to wedding photography, Christina Moodie at Love Tog Photography, likes to get in on the ground floor, as in your engagement photos. These photos can be used in many ways and she knows how to make them timeliness.

These kinds of photos were originally used as something to run as your engagement announcement in your hometown newspaper. Now that tradition has gone to the way of side (and not as instant as Facebook).  Lots of people use them for key wedding elements before or part of the day.  Some examples are save-the-date cards,  their wedding website, as an element in their wedding invitations, display photos at the wedding itself or even part of their wedding reception video.  But most of all, it gives you a chance to get comfortable with your photographer before the wedding, which will  give you much better photos on the wedding day.  Guaranteed!

Engaged Couple Here are some of Christina’s top 3 tips to make your engagement photos go from just being good to really great.  Also, these tips will help make the whole photo session fun for both of you…not stressful!  I would say after looking at Christina’s photos, you will see how she simple captures the joy of being engaged!

Christina Moodie shares…

1.  What to wear?

This is the biggest question we get asked as photographers is, “What should I wear to my engagement session?” I always say wear something that you feel great in! Forget the rules about wearing clothes that exactly match. No matching white shirts and jeans please. Wearing something that makes you feel confident because that will come through in your images. You can mix and match solids, patterns like stripes and polka dots, and textures like lace or knit. Try to use complimentary colors and avoid anything that has logos or would be super distracting in photos.

2.  Where to go?

Engagement Photo Steven’s Point and the surrounding areas have a lot of great places to take engagement photos. First, think about the feel your want your photos to have. Do you want it to have an urban feel? If so, you could choose to have your session downtown. Downtown has a lot of different and interesting buildings to photograph at. If you have permission you could also shoot indoors at a restaurant that you love to frequent like Father Fats maybe or the library if you and your fiancé love books! Do you want country feel? Talk to people you know and find out if anyone has property they would allow you to shoot on with open fields or a barn. Do you want a Northwoods feel? Try shooting at a Christmas tree farm or a park with a lot of evergreen trees. You could go to lake DuBay or Standing Rock Park. Your photographer is a great resource to help you determine a location that will fit exactly what you are looking for!


Engagement photos with a dog3.  Incorporate Personal Elements

This one is my favorite! Think about the things you guys like to do as a couple and incorporate them into you session. Do you have a dog, like to ride bikes, go on hikes at a certain place, read, go on picnics, eat ice cream at Belts, go to the farmer’s market on Saturday mornings? All of these things would be great to incorporate into you session and really take it from a normal engagement session to a personalized fun session!



What are some of your favorite places here in the Stevens Point  and surrounding areas?  Share and comment below if you have any places that would be great for a engagement photo shoot.

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