Wedding Question: Guest Welcome GiftsWelcome baskets (or bags) for your out-of-town wedding guests are a great way to say “welcome” to those that are staying over night. It is a nice way to make them feel special and a way of say how much you appreciate them for traveling in for your wedding day.  Yet, welcome baskets are not a wedding guest necessity so if your budget is tighter this can be an item to eliminate.   

Also, this is a great way to give your guests a taste of your local area. For example, in our local area we have some amazing Wisconsin cheese factories and some famous micro-breweries that have been featured in some of our couple’s baskets.  

It is best to drop of them off at least a day or two before guests start to arrive.  However, it can be a bit of a time concern and added stress if your guests are scattered among several hotels (it could take forever!).  

Here is what I would recommend to make this as easy as possible:  

1.  Stick to just the hotels that you have reserved.

2.  Don’t feel like you need to make the gifts overly elaborate, keep them simple because truly it is the thought that counts.

3.  You could hire a local business or your wedding planner to take care of this wedding detail for you.  

Here is a great article to give some great ideas as to what could be included in a wedding welcome gift.  Yet, I will say it again.  Keep it simple!  Your guests will love even the simplest of gifts.

Click on the image to visit The Wedding Party blog to get some great ideas.

Click on the image to visit The Wedding Party blog to get some great ideas.

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