Ann Ilagan PhotographyI attended a local bridal show this last Sunday and received a great question from a bride concerning her invitations.

Question:  Do I have to send out an invitation for my wedding?  My friends would be just fine getting an e-vite.  We could then refer everyone to our wedding website for all our wedding information. It would be a way to save money on the wedding.

Answer:  Wedding websites are informative and fun, but you MUST still send out a wedding invitation via snail mail and include all pertinent information related to your wedding as there may be a few guests who are not online.

Wedding Websites

In addition to an invitation, bride’s today are keeping their friends and family informed of their engagement by creating a wedding website.

This is a very effective way to provide pertinent information related to your wedding. Your guests will never have to wonder what is expected of them because you have provided all the details. If there are any questions, a quick e-mail to you should get them back on track and alert you to making that point clearer on your website. This is such an invaluable tool because it provides the ceremony and reception location and timeline. You will be able to suggest travel and hotel accommodations, plus your wedding registry choices will make everything so clear.

If you are considering a wedding website, here is an article that reviews the top 2015 wedding websites.

Reviews of the Best Wedding Websites

Are you considering a wedding website?  Please leave a comment below to let other bride’s know if you are or not.  Please tell us why, too!

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