Every week I pick a local vendor from the Stevens Point area out of my wedding planning hat and show off some of their outstanding work and expertise to the world.  The area vendor in the spotlight each week will be from interesting areas such as; area venues to bands, DJ’s, photographers, decorators, florists and cake designers, ect. to assist in helping you with your wedding planning process.

Stevens Point Vendor SpotlightThis week I am featuring a local chocolatier.  I love her passion for chocolate.  Yet, she takes chocolate to another level of taste and design.  Here is just a little about, Jo-Ellen, herself and about her love for chocolate.

How long have you been in the chocolate business?  

I’ve been crafting truffles for over 3 years and started this small business venture about one year ago.

What made you go into your line of work?

People always ask me why I became a chocolatier and I wish I had an awe-inspiring, life-changing, pivotal moment story to tell but, I don’t. Basically, I’m a science geek with a creative side. Chocolate is a very difficult medium to work with but I love the science behind obtaining a great chocolate temper and how the combination of butter, cream, and flavor allows a good quality truffle to just melt in your mouth. I also love the creativity allowed in designing the flavor combinations and appearance of truffles.

What is you favorite thing about weddings?Stevens Point Vendor Spotlight

I love the creativity and beauty of a wedding. Each wedding is so individual to the personalities and lifestyles of the couple that I am inspired by a wedding’s inventiveness and originality.

What qualities do you possess that enable you to work well with brides and grooms?

I adore the excitement in the voice of a bride as she talks about her wedding vision. I want to be a part of that excitement. I actively listen to the bride and groom and provide as many flavor, color, design, and packaging suggestions as they want (or don’t want). I never give-up.  I continue to work with the wedding couple until they are excited about their chocolate choice.

What is the favorite part of your job?

I enjoy recreating truffles and favors that I have done before but my favorite part of my job is creating new chocolate experiences for people. It might be the colors or design or a unique flavor but I feel a great deal of satisfaction when a person says the chocolates are too beautiful to eat or they experience a flavor they have never tried before and love it!

What steps do you take to ensure that your clients will have amazing wedding days when working with you?

As part of the planning process, we discuss the transportation, venue, and the display of the truffles or favors so the final results are exactly what the bride and groom envision.

What are some key tips and advice to engaged couple to help them with their wedding planning?

Don’t forget to relax and take the time to enjoy this one-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s YOUR wedding. It’s O.K. to ignore all the impromptu advice you are getting. Create a wedding experience that makes the two of you happy.

Please contact Jo-Ellen to see how she can make your wedding unique and different with the sweet taste of chocolate.

Melt Chocolat’

N6215 Third Drive

Plainfield WI. 54966



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Have you been to a wedding that served chocolate in a unique way?  Leave a comment and let Jo-Ellen know what would be your favorite flavor you would choose for your wedding day.  

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