Day 1: Creating Your Wedding Planning Checklist

Congratulations! You’re engaged. Now, you have a large task ahead of you: planning the wedding. Let’s be honest: planning a wedding (even if you hire a wedding planner) is complicated. There are lots of moving parts, lots of people involved, and lots of tiny details to iron out when it comes to planning a wedding, so organization is key to success! If you are in need of some advice and tips for staying organized when it comes to planning a wedding, read on for some great info.

Why a Wedding Planning Checklist is Important

A wedding planning checklist is important because it organizes and outlines all of the possible tasks and items you need to prepare for your wedding day. No matter how good your memory is it would be unwise to rely on it for every little detail you have to remember concerning your wedding. A properly constructed checklist is the very best way you can ensure that all of your wedding plans come together perfectly. Creating a wedding checklist will certainly help to relieve stress as the wedding day gets closer.

“A planning checklist will become your best friend, an invaluable tool to successfully manage all your wedding details.”

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Start Your Wedding Planning Timeline

You’ll want to write down in the checklist all the specific and important dates that pertain to your wedding. Just like with any big task or project, you have to give yourself deadlines and action steps to get it all completed in time. Be sure to add key milestones to ensure you keep yourself on pace. 

A few important tips:

Allow Extra Time

With every item on your wedding checklist, add extra time. If the date to actually mail the invitations is March 15, put an item on your list to have the invitations ready for mailing March 8, one week prior. That gives you some extra time should something go awry with the invitations or if you are behind schedule for another reason.

Include Reminders

It is not enough to write “sign contract with caterer” on your checklist and then check off the box when completed. You will need to make sure that the caterer has received a copy of the contract and has returned a signed copy to you as well. So for every big item, you add to your checklist, include a reminder. For example, “Follow up with caterer re: contract.” Add another, later reminder that reads “Received signed contract from caterer.” It is not uncommon to tackle a task and consider it done when it really was only completed on your side.

Day 1:  Conclusion

A wedding planning checklist is so vital to the success of your wedding that we put together a wedding planning checklist for you. Just add your email address and it will be delivered right to your inbox. 

If you have any questions or need some guidance with your wedding planning.  Please contact us below.

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Day 1:
Wedding Planning Checklist

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