Day 9: Crafting Your Wedding Day Timeline

Planning for your big day is of the utmost importance. One special day; one moment for you to walk down the aisle; one dance where all eyes are on you; and one chance to make this the best day of your lives. I believe that each and every wedding needs two very specific things: a well organized plan + an overall design & vision. 
I want to share with you some of the “secret sauce” to making your wedding day run smoothly.
Here’s the key…a fine-tuned wedding day timeline!
I’m not talking about a vague schedule of events… I see a lot of those on Pinterest and they make me cringe. 😬
However, where to begin? I can’t tell you how many weddings I’ve done that have ended two hours early, because couples insisted on a “free flow” timeline. In this wedding day timeline series, I am going to guide you in how to put together a well crafted wedding timeline. Today’s post will guide you where to begin.
Bride admiring herself in the mirrow on her wedding day.

#1 Way For Your Wedding Day to Run Smoothly

As a professional wedding planner, I dive deep and outline the flow of the day for every single vendor and event and place it all together in a custom and cohesive wedding day timeline.

THIS is what I recommend for EVERY SINGLE WEDDING!

Bride and Groom photo at Central Water Brewery in Amherst, Wisconsin

Starting Your Wedding Day Timeline

Having a clear plan outlined makes it so much easier for your vendors, friends, and family to deliver on your expectations for the big day. 

These people are not mind readers, so providing a framework and outline of  all the details you have stored in your brain is critical! 

In the process of creating the timeline, you can avoid issues that might have been otherwise overlooked.

And by having all the details outlined BEFORE the big day, you ensure you can sit back and relax when the day arrives. 🙌

Woodlands Church Wedding in Plover, Wisconsin

I recommend two options for those aiming to craft their wedding day timelines:

  • DIY. I have created a guide “How to Craft Your Wedding Day Timeline”. This guide will help you on what you need to consider in the layout of your wedding day. It’s a good start. Snag your copy below.
  • Let a Pro Walk You through the Process. I’d love to help you nail your timeline. We offer one-on-one timeline consultations for couples. Interested? Contact us here.

I can not stress enough how important it is to work through your wedding day timeline. Your wedding party will thank you for it, your guests will oh-and-ah to you about it and you will never regret it!

I’d love to support you through this critical phase of your planning – let me know if you have any questions about this important step in the planning journey.

Happy planning!

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    Marsha VanArk, Wedding Planner at Distinctly Yours Wedding & Events